Best Cryptocurrencies by KuCoin

These days’ crypto currencies and crypto exchange are some of the terms that are commonly used and heard. So what do these terms mean? Well, actually like, through fiat money, one can buy or sell anything; likewise, with the help of crypto currencies, one can do the same, but these are in digital form. Like there are banks where one gets fiat money, cryptocurrencies can be bought and sold through crypto exchanges. There are many crypto exchanges and one of them is KUCOIN. Kucoin is a cryptocurrency exchange that deals with different cryptocurrencies and digital assets. It has over twenty million users that are registered here. This exchange came into existence in 2017 with a vision that everyone would use crypto. They believe that technological progress will bring a revolution in creating and distributing value.

Now let’s see what top cryptocurrency KuCoin offers.

Though there are around seven hundred listed coins on KUCoin, let’s briefly glimpse some cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin (BTC):

Bitcoin is made up of two words,” Bit” and ” Coin.” it is a form of decentralized digital currency that takes place peer to peer, meaning it functions without any control from the government or banks. One of the significant advantages of buy BitCoin is that, it gives an accessible form of currency offered by most cryptocurrency exchanges.


It is another cryptocurrency offered by KUCOIN and came into existence in 2015.Basically, Ethereum is a platform, and anyone can use it and ensures that everyone gets verified deals and amounts for the deals. The money used is Ether.

Bitcoin Cash

BCH is the next option KUCOIN has given to a person. It is similar to BitCoin and does not have government or bank control. As all the transactions are recorded on the blockchain, being transparent makes it secure. Furthermore, tether also known as the USDT symbol, is another form of cryptocurrency. KUCOIN also offers Tether. Tether is considered a stable coin as it tries to keep the stable. Value and avoid fluctuations as other cryptocurrencies fluctuate. But unfortunately, they can not be exchanged for dollars.


The next option links many blockchains, allowing the data to be sent across. Polkadot can be bought or sold on different cryptocurrencies, including Coinbase.


Talking about this cryptocurrency, it can be said that the transactions made by bitcoin are much quicker compared to bitcoin. Charles created Litecoin in 2011, and there is no control by the government or banks like BitCoin and other currencies.Thus, as mentioned earlier, cryptocurrencies are just a few offered by KUCOIN.


Thus cryptocurrency being the future of transactions in the coming years, one should start learning how cryptocurrency works and what to buy to gain maximum profit. And for this one does not have to take a lot of hassle. KUCOIN cryptocurrency exchange is thereby Forbes Advisors being rated best crypto exchange in 2021. Moreover, KUCOIN is also recognized among the top 5 crypto exchanges. And as mentioned earlier, it has more than seven hundred listed coins, thus giving a lot of variety. Select from them but wisely.

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