Best Tips for Safe Online Browsing

Internet is used by one and all these days. Especially with the coming up of this coronavirus, the use of the internet has increased manifolds, and it has gained significant importance in the lives of all. Even the economically weaker sections are considering making their use. Kids, too, are relying on the internet for their online school classes and other extracurricular activities. It has changed the method of how the world works.  Because of increasing usage of the internet, safety concerns also exist for the users.

But with this comes the safety issue. Privacy matters though sharing certain information become necessary at times. Some of the seemingly secure sites might turn out to be insecure, spreading viruses to the computer system and stealing personal information in the name of collecting databases. And all this without the knowledge of the person using the device, harmed to a great extent by the hackers involved in such phishing activities.

VPN can be used for safe browsing 

One cannot let hackers do all this freely. Hence the need to protect one’s privacy and properly maintain secrecy. At this point, VPN comes to the rescue. It stands for Virtual Private Network, a private network over and above the public network. So this means it is more secure, trustworthy, user-friendly, easily manageable, and functional in its use. But with the rising need for security comes the double VPN. It is an advanced feature of the already existing systems making use of not just one but two servers through encryption. 

One server handles the encrypted data, and the second one decrypts the data. This way, the data and information shared remains secure and reaches their destination privately. Two VPNs can be used simultaneously but not on two different apps on the same device. This way, one would kill the other and defeat the purpose of using 2 VPNs simultaneously.

Privacy with Double VPN 

In the case of double VPN, one server holds the user’s IP address without the information about the destination. In contrast, the other associated server has the goal and not the IP address. One can use double VPN when it comes to safe online browsing.

Double VPN is worth it, and one must go for it because of the varied advantages it offers to the user. Protecting your data by maintaining secrecy is what the job of the double VPN is. If the hackers are targeting your account, they will reach the home network in the first instance. This way, they get to see only the first connection, and the IP address remains secure and private. So VPN is the best way to use the internet in a safe way. Using VPN, information will be completely safe.


There should be no data leaks while encrypting or decrypting the data, and this can happen only when the VPN used is appropriately configured. Beware of poorly configured VPNs. Instead of doing any good, they would only harm.

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