Best Tools for Educating and Growing Your Staff

Every business knows that developing staff is an excellent way to keep them engaged and loyal to the brand. According to research, lack of professional development is now the second-most common reason for people leaving their job in Australia. With this in mind, here are some fantastic tools for educating and growing your staff!

eLearning Platforms

These days, you don’t need to send staff away on expensive, three-day training trips to another part of the country. You’ll find lots of high-quality learning and training facilities online, and the pandemic has only sped this niche up.

Do some research and look for people delivering content on topics within your niche. Since everything is done online, you have the luxury of finding the best training in the country without the added cost.

The benefits of an elearning platform include the simple delivery, the fact that your team can take the training while at their desk, and the progress measurement tools. What’s more, there’s evidence to suggest improved learning too.


As a business, you might want to develop your own training materials, and you can do this through learning management systems (LMSs). Although it will require some initial investment to create your own materials, you’re in complete control of the content, so you know that every single second of the course will benefit the team. When you choose an external course, it isn’t tailored to the needs of your team.

After the initial investment, you have training content to offer all staff for many years. Of course, you’ll need to edit the content and keep it up to date. However, you aren’t paying the total cost for an online course each year.


As well as regimented training courses, your staff can also learn from webinars and industry conferences. Once again, the global pandemic has pushed many of these events online. Ultimately, this means that your staff watch the webinar, and they get straight back to work afterward.

Look to industry leaders to see if they’re hosting events in the coming weeks or months. Your staff can get lots of value from conferences, webinars, panel discussions, and similar content.

With the growth of social media, you’ll even see some events streamed for free on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and various other platforms.

Buddy Training

This guide has addressed technology in detail, and it has even looked at the idea of external training. Yet, you shouldn’t overlook the skills you already have within the business. Every day, younger workers might look up to more experienced professionals in the business. Take advantage of this relationship by utilising buddy training.

As the name suggests, this is where a confident and experienced member of the team buddies up with one of the newer team members. As we saw with the LMS training, this allows you to tailor the training to your business and ensure that the newer team member gets precisely the right training.

Buddy training has a double benefit because the newer team member gets a mentor while the more experienced worker feels valued by the business because they’re trusted to train somebody else. Both feel as though the training progresses their career, and you’re shaping the team to exactly what you need.


If you want to train and grow your staff in 2021, consider webinars, online conferences, LMSs, eLearning opportunities, and even buddy training.

What’s more, the great and varied internet has plenty of resources for training. Social media is another excellent tool for educating staff as influencers add value with videos, articles, and interesting posts!

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