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The BJP and Congress have both used “BiharSong” in campaign ads. The song, which is about development, has been a hit in the state. The BJP version talks about how development in the state has improved under Nitish’s government. Both the BJP and the Congress have pledged to continue this progress. While the Congress focuses on the ‘ka-ba’ of corruption, the BJP aims to make Bihar a better place to live.

Currently, there are two popular songs in Bhojpuri: the BJP’s “Bihar mein ee baa” and the JD(U’s “Ab Garjega Bihar.” The BJP’s song highlights the achievements of the Nitish Kumar government. The song runs for two minutes and 35 seconds. The song is in response to another, popular Bhojpuri song, which is sung by Neha Singh Rathore. The BJP’s “Bihar meinee baa” video features the migrant workers’ protest, deterioration of law and order, and corruption.

The BJP has released a campaign song in Bhojpuri as well. “Bihar mein ee baa” features Nitish Kumar’s achievements in the state. It runs for two minutes and 35 seconds. The JD(U)’s song is in response to a popular Bhojpuri song sung by Neha Singh Rathore. The song criticizes the NDA government for its performance, the deteriorating law and order situation, and the attitude of the government towards migrant workers.

“Ab Garjega Bihar Ke” by Anubhav Mishra, Abhishek Prajapati, and Rohit Naudiyal has been a hit in the state and is a popular song in Bihar. The song has been performed by Amit Kumar since 2003. This is the first BiharSong to be released on the Internet. It is the latest version of the song written by Amit Kumar and Ajay Joshi, who are among the most famous musicians in the region.

While most people are familiar with “BiharSong,” many of us are not aware of the song’s origin. However, the lyrics are also very meaningful. The song features an important message: to build a strong nation, one must respect the cultural differences of people. The words of this song can be understood easily, and it is a powerful tool to promote unity in the state. The language of a BiharSong should be considered carefully before downloading.

The BJP and JD(U both have released their campaign songs in Bhojpuri. The JD(U’s “Bihar mein ee baa” (Bihar mein ee baa) is a 2 minute, 35-second song. The song has been a response to an earlier Bhojpuri “Bihar’s Baah” sung by Neha Singh Rathore.

The BiharSong is a beautiful and meaningful song about life in Bihar. It has a strong religious theme and is associated with events in the daily lives of the people. The song is also associated with the king’s inauguration and the King’s death. This makes the king’s song an important part of the celebrations of the state. It is a wonderful way to commemorate the lives of the people of the region celebrities net worth.

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