Choosing the Best Lead Generation Strategy: Top 6 Hints

Lead generation is an integral part of a solid digital marketing strategy. By identifying the key approach to lead generation tactics, it’s possible to improve the entire campaign and boost the company’s profitability.

Lead generation efforts depend on your current business goals, budget, and the rest of the marketing strategy. When designing the best approach to your needs, you have to factor in a variety of elements, channels, and tactics.

Let’s take a closer look at 6 hints to help you design the best lead generation strategy.  

1. What to Include in Your Lead Generation Strategy

A lead generation strategy includes a number of tactics that attract the target audience at the awareness stages and turns it into leads with high conversion potential. A lead is a consumer who may be interested in buying your products or taking advantage of your services.

Your lead generation strategy should include the following elements:

  •         Creating lead magnets – these pieces of content or other valuable elements are designed to be exchanged for a lead’s contact information. Once you get contact details, you can proceed with your conversion tactics.
  •         Determining lead qualification – you need to evaluate how likely certain leads are to go through the entire sales funnel. Spending your marketing budget on leads with low potential is counterproductive.
  •         Segmenting leads – to create a highly personalized and effective marketing campaign, you need to segment leads according to such factors as demographics and browsing behavior.

You need to connect with the leads to encourage them to share their contact details while teaching them more about the benefits of your offer.

2. How to Define Your Lead Generation Goals

You may think that the lead generation goal is to, well, generate leads. In reality, you could be generating leads to bring more traffic to your website and improve your SEO efforts. Or you could be generating leads while raising brand awareness.

Meanwhile, your goals should follow a SMART goal scheme. Each one should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based. A good lead generation goal looks like this: generate 5,000 leads by the end of the month.

3. Why Gated Content is an Excellent Lead Magnet

Content is the king of any marketing, and your lead generation strategy isn’t an exception. Creating gated content is an excellent way to attract leads.

Gated content is a piece of content, which can’t be accessed directly by browsing your website or social media profile. You will show that you are ready to give up that content only in exchange for a prospect’s contact details.

Gated content must be highly valuable for the user because many of them are wary of sharing their information.

4. How to Assess Your Budget

Lead generation doesn’t need to be expensive. Many tactics exist to generate leads without serious investments. However, one of the fastest lead generation tactics is employing paid search and display ads.

If you have a sufficient budget and urgent lead generation goals, you may want to start with paid ads. The rest of the tactics like content creation, SEO efforts, event hosting, and others can be complementary.

You need to keep in mind that paid ads will generate high-quality leads only if you optimize your website and landing pages for conversion.

5. Learn Your Options

A huge variety of lead generation tactics exists. Depending on your goal and budget, you can choose one of the following options.

  •         Creating lead magnets
  •         Developing paid ads
  •         Offering freebies in exchange for contact details
  •         Hosting a free event to attract leads who are interested in your content and offers
  •         Designing chatbots which can answer questions 24/7 on your website
  •         Taking advantage of remarketing with paid ads
  •         Building a community on social media

While some of these options can be limited by your marketing budget, the majority of them isn’t expensive. Many simply require you to create high-quality content.

6. Know When to Ask for Help

Lead generation is a time-consuming process, which is often costly. If you have a small marketing team, it could take up a huge chunk of its time. It’s possible to outsource lead generation to lead generation companies or marketing agencies.

Such a decision can save you time and money. However, you need to take time to find the right partner. Keep in mind that no matter how well these partners work, it’s still up to you to oversee the lead generation strategy.

The Takeaway

By choosing the best lead generation strategy, you can streamline your entire marketing campaign. Knowing your options, setting SMART goals, and determining the budget can help you come up with the best tactics for your business. 

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