Choosing The Right Steel Doors Made Easy

A door is a hinged, sliding or revolving structure that controls access to an enclosed space for example; a car,building or a compound.

Apart from providing security, doors also add an aesthetic view to buildings as they provide ventilation to different rooms of a house.This article will focus on different types of steel doors based on their working operations and their appropriate prices.

Below is a description of different types of doors for internal and external use based on working operations, placing of door components or the construction method.Prices have been estimated based on the most common figures in the Kenyan market.This article will focus on steel door of size 2050mm×900mm and therefore the prices quoted refer to a door for such a size.

Types of Doors in Kenya Based on Working Operations and their approximate prices

1. The revolving doors

These doors comprise of a central shaft and fitted to four radiating shutters .There is a ball at the shaft which bears system at the bottom which enables the shutters to move around the vertical axis when pushed so that it can provide an exit and an entrance on different edges.

The revolving doors can be glazed, fully paneled or partially glazed. They are also ideal for public places,for example libraries banks, and retail outlets.The price of such a door varies between Ksh 18,000.00-20,000.00

2. Sliding Doors

They are also called bypass -doors, they are fitted with guide rails and runners that allow the doors to slide sideways.

A sliding door may have one or more sliding shutters depending on the space.

Unlike other doors, these doors do not swing open. They only pave way when moved on the track.Sliding doors are often used for interior parts of a building with small space.

Steel door prices in Kenya range between ksh 19,000 – Ksh 29,000 for this instance.

3. Swing Doors

Swing doors have shutters attached to the frame with the double action springs allowing access both outward and inward. It works like this: a little force opens the door then the spring forces the shutter  to its place.

It is vital to provide peephole or glass panels  at eye level to avoid accidents caused by failure to see the person using the door from the other side.Swing doors are common in public places.Their price is around ksh 18,000.00

4. Collapsible Steel Doors

Collapsible steel doors comprise of vertical double channels (10 X 20 X 2 mm) linked together with hollows inside to make an artificial gap.

The channels are spread 200mm – 100mm and fixed with diagonal iron flats allowing the shatter to close and open like a curtain.Collapsible steel doors are mostly used where extra security is required.Their price is around ksh 19,500.00


Steel doors are the most recommended in Kenya for permanent buildings mostly due to the security purposes, durability and also the smart look.Their prices are also favorable and affordable by the average earners.

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