Common Electrical Problems for Businesses

Can we really imagine a life or a world without electricity? It could be argued that it is the best invention of the 20th century. The luxury of walking into a temperature regulated space with light and power is often taken for granted until those dreaded moments when the power goes out for any length of time reminding us just how much we appreciate its convenience. 

Any commercial building requires quite a bit of electricity to power it’s day to day functions. Because these spaces are often much larger than residential and are more complex wiring, there is a higher risk of error.  If something electrical is not working properly it could slow or halt operations completely which is not good for business. Especially when you are living in a busy city like Sunshine Coast where time is money, then you can’t think of affording such issues at the workplace. Hence, the best solution to get rid of this problem as early as possible is to consult a 24 hour electrician in Sunshine Coast area.The following are a few common electrical problems that businesses face. 

Not enough outlets

Commercial electrical needs are more demanding than residential electrical. An office building or warehouse requires a large number of outlets. Depending on your type of business, computers, machinery, appliances, etc all need plenty of power. If your business is in need of additional electrical outlets installed, contact a local electrician. This Idaho Falls electrician has plenty of commercial wiring experience and could help ensure that your businesses electrical needs are met. In addition to too few outlets, dead outlets become another issue in older buildings. These are also a fire risk and should be addressed immediately. 

Unprotected wiring 

A shortage of outlets could lead to unprotected wiring if there are extension cords and wires exposed and running from one place to another because there is not a nearby outlet. Unprotected wiring of any kind is a huge liability and should be avoided at all costs. They are not only a tripping hazard, but a fire hazard. 

Need for generator backup

A power outage is not an ideal situation for any business. A business needs to remain functioning at all times, or at least during regular business hours. If you are in a grocery store, a mall, or working at a warehouse you would expect a generator to kick on a few moments after a power outage. If your business does not have a generator, or does not have enough backup power to sustain your business in case of an emergency, it would be a wise investment to contact a certified commercial electrician. 

LED Lighting

Having adequate lighting is essential for employees and customers to feel comfortable working or spending in your business. Simply having lighting is not always enough. The brightness of the light is equally as important. These days LED lighting is pretty much standard. The days of your grandma’s dim yellow lighting are over. Burnt out bulbs and flickering lights could also be signs of a bigger underlying issue that should be evaluated by a professional electrician. 


Everything from coffee machines to computers and water coolers to wall plug-ins demand power. As a business you may be more concerned about the larger electrical drains like a large machine or air conditioning, but even something as small as a toaster sucks power. An expert Batemans Bay Electrician explains that not having enough capacity for the amount of energy consumed can lead to surges. If your business experiences a surge and all computer equipment is rebooted, it will cause a myriad of problems for the smooth functioning of your business. 

Outdated needs replaced  

Surges and capacity issues can often stem from a matter of old age. Electrical work has come a long way and if your business has been around a while or is located in an older building, your electrical wiring probably needs updated. 

Contact a local electrician

Regardless of what electrical issues your business is facing, it is best to have a trusted professional to turn to for advice. The experts at Arco Electric in Idaho Falls are the electricians for big commercial projects. As seen on their website, they have served most of the largest, most prominent businesses in the area with all of their commercial electrical needs. They will be able to guide you through what you need to stay safe and effective in operating your business. Contact the Idaho Falls electrician today. 

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