Complete Guide To Sales Invoice Software & Why Your Business Needs Them

Sales invoice software can revolutionize your business and make your life a whole lot simpler. You’ll also enjoy a more professional appearance before your clients.

If you want to know how it works, we’ve broken it down for you. Grab your ticket to perfect sales to accounting books tallying and synchronization with sales invoice software.

Here’s how it works:

The software extracts information from records you upload to it. It then processes all your sales information and even sorts and categorizes it, making your life much easier. The information is searchable, secure, and streamlined to sync and integrate with popular accounting software in the UK.

Sales invoice software processes data

You and your employees/superiors spend hours on a daily basis feeding in data on sales and then carefully categorizing and sorting that data over various spreadsheets and folders. Sound familiar? Sounds tedious? Sounds time-consuming? Of course, it does!

Sales invoice software has a fix for you, for example, Dext Prepare has a component called Sales Workplace that is built specifically for your bundle of challenges. All you need to do is upload a record of the products and services that you have sold – the software will sort and categorize the data and integrate it into whatever accounting software you are using.

There are means to simplifying the uploading of records too.

You can simply link your Amazon account (or the account linked to whatever other e-commerce channel you have chosen) and have data flow automatically to your books. Isn’t that easy?

Alternatively, you could link your bank account or your payment service account (like PayPal for example), for data to flow seamlessly.

Sales invoice software delivers professional-looking paperwork

Invoicing – especially for creative minds – is messy and time-consuming. This results in delays or a poor impression if you settle for less than perfect sales invoices.

Worse, manual invoicing is prone to errors. This can prove to be very costly for your business in the long run, or could alternatively rub customers the wrong way as well which harms your relationship with the customers and create a poor perception of you and your business.

When you or your organization prepare invoices manually, you will often notice that the formatting, fonts, and layout look different every time. Even if you put norms in place, different gadgets might still turn out an invoice that looks different from the next, churned out by a different laptop or computer.

However, automation eliminates all of these struggles. Spare yourself or your people the mundane struggle of invoice preparation, enjoy error-free invoices every time, send out perfectly consistent invoices on every occasion – all in just a couple of clicks and in just a few seconds, using sales invoicing software.

Sales invoice software eases the follow-up process

Especially when your business is thriving, it is but natural that tasks that are not client-facing take a back seat. In fact, it’s quite common! As a result, you might miss your weekly or monthly check on unpaid invoices and overdue payments.

When you adopt sales invoice software, overdue payments and unpaid invoices are flagged up to you (and your clients).  This means that you save time on comparing sales invoices raised the previous month with your bank statement to track payments received and pending payments.

The fact that clients get automated follow-up also spares you the moderately uncomfortable conversation unless of course, your client continues the default. You can edit the invoice easily in any word processor with tools, as WeInvoice.

Sales invoice software gets your tax return ready

Taxes turn everyone’s smiles upside down but when it’s your business, paying taxes brings on more than just a frown. Taxation is a complicated business and all the more so when it comes to paying taxes as a business.

Once more, sales invoice software comes to your rescue. You can sort your suppliers by tax, calculate texts payable (or rather have the system calculate taxes payable), and even be alerted about upcoming tax laws. That’s not all: the system is geared to tell you how tax laws in the pipeline could impact your profitability.

Most sales invoice software is scalable

A lot of big businesses start off as a one-man show operating out of a garage or spare apartment. And in this age of startup, a good percentage of businesses are very small but poised for tremendous growth. You need one user ID today, but you might need five user IDs three years from now and maybe as many as 20 user IDs six years from now.

Most sales invoice software providers will offer you tiered pricing. For example, Dext offers you a Business plan where you get one login ID and 50 scans; Business Plus where you get 5 login IDs and 300 monthly scans and Premium where you get 20 users and 3000 monthly scans.

Moreover, you can choose whether you want to use a pay-as-you-go monthly plan or a yearly plan. Yearly plans are typically offered at a small discount on your monthly fees.

Trial offers, discounts, and more – the perks of jumping in when a concept is growing

The demand for accounting software across the board – including sales invoices – has just taken off. Get the early mover advantage, and we don’t just mean impressing your clients by being an early adopter: we’re talking about all the offers and discounts doing the rounds right now.

At this point in time, you can get a free trial or a free demo. There are even moments when there might be freebies to be grabbed on opting for a trial offer. You are also getting amazing value for money in terms of pricing. For example, Dext has plans starting at just £10 if you purchase an annual plan or £12.59 if you purchase the base level pay-as-you-go monthly plan.

Sales invoice software also saves your data securely, categorizes and sorts your data for you, and lets you access your data fully updated, anytime and anywhere. Get started on your journey to simplify your sales invoices with Dext.

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