Estate planning is no longer for wealthy people. Regardless of the amount of wealth you own, an estate plan addresses how your property will be distributed upon your death. An estate plan also addresses a power of attorney appointing a trusted person to handle your financial and medical issues should you become incapacitated.

An estate planning attorney’s practice focuses on wills, trusts, probate, and other issues related to estate planning. During estate planning, you entrust an estate planning attorney with critical decisions regarding your family’s wellbeing, finances, and legacy, so it is advisable to think carefully about who you work with. Here are some key considerations to make.

Estate planning law specialization

You cannot just hire any lawyer during estate planning. You need an attorney who specializes in estate planning law and has devoted their practice to helping clients navigate the complexities of estate law. A law firm that juggles personal injury claims, addressing business contracts, and estate planning is not the right one for you. Look for a law firm specializing in estate planning as they can give your matter the much-needed attention.


For instance, if you live in Reno, NV, it is best to find a Reno estate planning attorney with roots in the area and a reputable track record of helping clients in the state. This is because estate planning laws may differ from one state to another, and it is advantageous to engage an attorney who knows the local estate planning laws inside out. A local estate planning law firm will well serve your interests.

Tax planning expertise

Tax planning is one of the critical parts of estate planning. With the help of your estate planning attorney, you must take a strategic approach to reduce any tax burdens for our beneficiaries when they inherit your estate. This is where a lawyer’s expertise comes in. It is wise to engage an experienced estate planning lawyer so that they help you with tax planning.

A wide array of estate planning services

There are many particulars of estate planning, but most importantly, it involves determining who gets what when you die. The reason for seeking the guidance of an attorney is to help you with will and trust issues. An estate plan also determines who manages your estate and takes care of your financial issues should you become medically incapacitated. So it would be best if you engaged an attorney who understands all that.

An approachable service

You will be discussing with your estate planning attorney sensitive and private issues from complicated family matters to financial problems. Therefore it is imperative to pick an estate planning attorney you feel comfortable with. If you find one that doesn’t seem approachable, it is okay to look further.

The bottom line

Since estate planning can be intricate, you should hire an attorney who knows how best to protect your assets and create an estate plan based on your unique needs. Keep the attributes mentioned above in mind when hiring one.

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