Digital Strategies for Your Cosmetic Medical Practice

Cosmetic surgeons make an invaluable impact on each patient’s life and the world in general. But their accomplishments are not always accurately represented on their websites.

The ideal website for a cosmetic medical practice should highlight the surgeon’s rich career, emphasize their passion for the job, and most importantly, ensure that it’s “visible” to search engines such as Google.

Consider redesigning your site and creating a branding strategy that resonates with what your practice believes in and the services you offer.

Why Is Digital Marketing Important for Your Medical Practice?

Digital marketing allows you to segment campaigns to target areas and certain healthcare territories, making reaching out to your target demographic easier.

In addition to reaching more people, digital marketing significantly reduces your cost per patient acquisition; and saving on expenses means providing more services for your patients. Since the most challenging part is convincing patients you offer the best cosmetic surgical procedures, online marketing makes this process easier and more seamless.

Here are a few digital marketing services that can make your practice reach out to the patient who needs your cosmetic services the most.

Maximize Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Patients seeking cosmetic surgical procedures key in particular keywords or phrases to locate the ideal medical practice for a consultation. Web search engines look for these keywords and phrases and present them to the user.

While having the right keywords and phrases is invaluable to your site’s reach, part of having an effective SEO strategy includes creating engaging content that offers value to a patient.

Create a Catchy Call to Action (CTA)

A call to action prompts the prospective patient to ask questions, click to learn more, follow up, or make a decision. You can have multiple CTAs throughout your website, all leading to your practice’s helpline, chat room, or email so that patients can leave an email.

A call-to-action can be an offer, a question, a suggestion, or a statement that creates a sense of urgency to take a particular action, such as scheduling a consultation.

Partner With Influencers

Many patients who have successfully undergone a transformative cosmetic procedure include famous actors, musicians, models, and marketers. Collectively, these influencers can help drive your brand online and convey a positive image of your practice.

Consider partnering with influencers that match your goals and strategies so that they can tell their online followers about it.

Engage Your Patients With a Chat

A chat feature on your site is a great way to address patients’ questions online or guide them in scheduling an appointment. A patient can learn more about your services or ask about their health condition or candidacy for a cosmetic procedure through this feature.

Host Webinars

Webinars are information sessions where you can introduce potential clients to your medical practice and the services you offer. Since it’s interactive, they are also free to ask questions. Webinars may also end with a call to action to prompt a patient to reach out and learn more about your services.

Tips for a Successful Digital Campaign

Your online marketing strategy should start with planning what you aim to achieve. Here is a quick checklist you could use for a successful marketing campaign.

  • It should be specific: You plan to gain 100 new patients (a specific number).
  • It should be measurable: You plan to accomplish your goal by the end of the year (a specific period of time).
  • It should be actionable: You have determined where advertising will be most effective.
  • It should be relevant: Your campaign should target patients seeking reconstructive or aesthetic facial procedures (any other service under your belt).

Medical Digital Marketing Services Q&As

Q: What does digital marketing mean for your medical practice?

A: Digital marketing showcases your expertise to your prospective patients, helps to boost your healthcare reputation, and builds professional territory.

Q: Is it ethical to advertise cosmetic surgery services online?

A: Yes, as long as it’s not deceptive, you can highlight your achievements and services.

Q: Is social media responsible for the increasing popularity of cosmetic surgical procedures?

A: Influencers on social media have led more people to consider aesthetic facial surgeries to get the perfect face and body.

Q: Is it cost-effective to market your practice online?

A: Yes. Digital marketing makes it easy to reach your target audience cost-effectively and measurably.

Q: What are the benefits of social media to doctors?

A: Social media can help you to build your professional network, share information and ideas, and offer and access professional support.

Q: Can you conduct a patient assessment online?

A: Yes, but only in part. Online chat rooms allow you to find out if your patient has a pre-existing condition, is under any medication, and their cosmetic goals.

Q: Can a patient schedule a medical appointment online?

A: Yes. A patient can schedule tests and consultations with a cosmetic surgeon online.

Q: How can a medical practice advertise through content marketing?

A: Your online content should highlight the relevant health conditions and their possible cosmetic remedies to encourage patients to seek your services.

Q: Are client testimonials necessary for your website?

A: Yes. Patient testimonials provide social proof to others that may require a cosmetic surgical transformation.

Q: Are “meet your doc” intro videos important?

A: Professional intro videos allow patients to familiarize themselves with you, which may prompt them to take quicker action.

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