Effortless Prop Initiation: New Prop Pulse Solution by Brokeree

Brokeree Solutions, a global provider of turnkey technologies for multi-asset brokers, announces the launch of its new product, Prop Pulse. Designed specifically for prop trading operations, Prop Pulse provides brokers simplicity in prop trading initiation, allowing to embark on this dynamic journey with just a few clicks. Drawing from a rich decade of software development expertise and with over 250 brands leveraging its flagship Social Trading and PAMM solutions, Brokeree positions Prop Pulse to emerge as the industry standard for prop trading firms globally.

This cutting-edge solution is readily accessible for integration with both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms, offering a versatile and powerful toolset for prop traders.

Prop Pulse is designed to provide brokerages and emerging proprietary firms with a competitive and efficient account management infrastructure, boast turnkey functionality that facilitates the seamless creation of a customer journey from the initial registration form to a scalable funded phase, ensuring a smooth and progressive experience.

Extending the traditional trading platform functionality, Prop Pulse introduces a range of capabilities, including the seamless registration and onboarding of new clients, the creation of customizable challenges for traders, configuration of up to 20 objectives, monitoring and evaluation of traders’ performance, dynamic risk management with customizable thresholds, and immediate receipt of emergency notifications.

Key Features of Brokeree Prop Pulse

Central to Prop Pulse’s functionality is its ability to generate unlimited challenges for traders. Brokers can precisely define objectives and constraints for each challenge, ensuring per-step accuracy in configuring trading conditions. Upon completion, Prop Pulse advances traders to the subsequent step until the entire challenge is fulfilled. Moreover, for traders demonstrating proficiency in the evaluation phase and obtaining a funded account, Prop Pulse dynamically adjusts their conditions, encompassing balance and profit split, propelling them to the next level in the scaling plan.

In addition, Prop Pulse provides intuitive dashboards that showcase winning and unsuccessful accounts. This transparency empowers brokers’ team members to closely monitor clients’ performance, track progress through challenges, assess balance changes, and identify failed objectives.

Integrability and Customization: Tailored for Success

Prop Pulse is designed for integration with all MetaTrader-based companies, offering a particularly seamless fit for firms with operational trading infrastructures, such as trading platforms, liquidity management solutions, connected PSPs, or CRM systems. The web-based nature of Prop Pulse ensures transparent integration with all operational elements of a broker’s technological environment. Moreover, the Prop Pulse Web UI stands ready for customization, allowing brokers to align it with their brand book, incorporating colors and logos to enhance brand consistency across diverse trading environments and elevate brand awareness.

“With Prop Pulse, we empower brokerages to enter the world of proprietary trading confidently, offering a comprehensive solution that enhances their capabilities, flexibility, and competitiveness. We believe that Prop Pulse will open new horizons for our clients, enabling them to explore new avenues of growth and success in the trading industry” – Andrey Kamyshanov, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Brokeree Solutions.

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