Elden Ring: A Strategy Guide On Battle

FromSoftware’s open-world fantasy RPG Elden Ring has been out for almost a year now, and it’s been a hit during that time.Since the game’s release, FromSoftware has tweaked Elden Ring’s combat mechanics several times through various patches. These patches have enhanced or weakened the effects of some weapons and spells, corrected errors and improved some meaningless functions.

Like spell combinations, Elden Ring players should master some powerful combat strategies before waiting for the next DLC, in case the patch containing the above DLC changes the original data of the game again.

While Street Fighter 2, a fighting game that added a combo mode, was in development, the developers accidentally created a bug in the game. Players can use some special attacks to deliver a series of continuous blows and Elden Ring Items to their opponents.

However, the designers of Street Fighter 2 opted to keep these pleasant surprises. There are also some surprises in Elden Ring, FromSoftware’s largest and most complex action-fantasy RPG to date. When players started experimenting with Elden Ring’s complex combat system, they also discovered a surprisingly major loophole.

Latest Combo – Perfect Block Exploit

“Perfect Block” is one of the newly developed advanced combo effects in Elden Ring is an unintentional attack inspired by a cross between block game mechanics and dash game mechanics.

Normally, players are frozen for a while after being attacked by an enemy, even if they block the attack without taking any damage. Wearing an armor set with a stance of 51 or higher will make Elden Ring PC not flinch from enemy attacks, allowing players to take down enemies with higher damage when fighting them.

High Stance is also a Guard Counter mechanic for players against each other in Elden Ring Colosseum PvP battles.

If an Elden Ring player releases the dodge button while rushing towards an opponent in PvP or PvE while blocking before the enemy attacks, the player will be able to smoothly absorb the enemy’s attack without taking damage.

It is not an easy task for players to use this perfect block. However, Elden Ring players who have mastered this technique can successfully avoid the enemy’s attack, and at the same time sneak behind the enemy to fight back.

Some Spells Of Elden Ring Can Still Be Cast Continuously

The main purpose of Elden Ring’s combat is to minimize the player’s continuous attack during the duel. If a player is hit by a weapon or spell, the player can usually block or simply roll away before receiving the next attack.

Before Elden Ring 1.05 patch update, some fast spells also had some weird properties, like Carian Slicer and Swift Glintstone Shard Sorceries or Catch Flame and Bestial Sling Incantations. If a player switches while activating these spells and uses the next spell from Memory Slot, they will cancel the activation of the new spell and hit the enemy again before they dodge.

FromSoftware’s developers removed most of the chaincast glitches in patch 1.05. However, in the latest Elden Ring patch, there are still some relatively low-level Chain-Casting versions.

Of course, it remains to be seen whether these currently existing, not very powerful spells will be patched in a later Elden Ring DLC, or will be left behind by FromSoftware’s technicians.

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An Update To Colossal Swords’ Crouch Pokes

Another important part of PvP combat in Elden Ring is that players learn to rush and kill their opponents before they drink Healing Flasks or use Healing Magic.

Greatswords, Great Spears, and Colossal Weapons can damage enemies from a distance, but they don’t attack very fast.

Elden Ring version 1.07 patch greatly reduces the speed and hit probability of Colossal Swords’ Crouch Pokes and rolling attacks, and uses some specific actions to reduce the damage value of players’ attacks on enemies outside the melee attack range.

However, the 1.08 patch update for Elden Ring’s Colosseum DLC appears to be bringing Nerf back to the original Colossal Swords, while slightly increasing the speed and hit chance of Colossal Swords’ Crouch Pokes and rolling attacks.

These updates also allow Colossal Swords’ Crouch Pokes to play a role in Elden Ring’s PvP battles.

The interesting thing about the combat strategies described above is that they do not strictly restrict players, binding specific roles and attack methods.

As stated in many good Elden Ring PvP strategy guides, having the sturdiest armor and shields or the most powerful weapons, compared to having the most basic knowledge of Elden Ring works best for players.

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