Ethereum or bitcoin, which is the best investment now?

Many people who are just investing in digital money wonder where it is more profitable to transfer their assets. Exchange analysts have different opinions on this, which makes sense to look at these cryptocurrency separately.

Bitcoin and Ethereum are now the world leaders in the cryptocurrency market, and are abbreviated BTC and ETH. The similarity is that both are digital currencies, they can be used as means of purchase, gift, exchange, sale, and they are created on blockchain technology, but at the same time they are different. It is no secret that BTC is going to be the official means of payment. But ETH is not going to become one.

In any case, Bitcoin and Ethereum are networks that tend to rapidly increase their value. It turns out that BTC is a coin, but ETH is a token, for a more accessible understanding. BTC operates in many countries as a currency and is accepted in many places. El Salvador is the first country where it became legal tender. Both cryptocurrency are secure, anonymous and can be stored for a long time.

What are the differences between BTC and ETH?

Bitcoin was not created as a payment instrument, but as a way to preserve and transfer value. Investing in bitcoin allows you to invest in it for years to come. Given its deflationary model, it will grow in value. Ethereum is a more interesting technology than bitcoin. That said, cryptocurrency is not seen as an item worth investing in because it has no added value. Ethereum is more interesting than bitcoin because of its higher transaction processing speed. BTC has a limit of 21 million coins, while ETH already has 107 million. Some people think that Ethereum is a more interesting technology than bitcoin due to the fact that there is no limit.  It is a multifunctional platform based on blockchain technology. Here you can already think about the fact that BTC might lose demand as a fixed threshold accumulates, while ETH has no such limitations. BTC acts as a currency at famous enterprises in the U.S.A., such as: Microsoft, Wikipedia, MicroStrategy, Tesla, and every day this list is expanding. ETH has a much scarcer base of where to spend it, but this cryptocurrency is more affordable.

Where is the best place to exchange BTC and ETH?

Reliability and security is the first priority when it comes to operations with cryptocurrency. Even an experienced user can sometimes be deceived by unscrupulous exchangers, and a beginner all the more so. How to understand which ones to trust, and which are better to bypass? The first thing to pay attention to is how many years the exchanger exists and the positive reviews, the more of both, the better. The second point is the withdrawal fees and the actual limits of the exchange of cryptocurrency. For an online exchanger the most important thing is to make the client feel comfortable and protected, so offers to make the exchange at a favourable rate and without delay to your wallet. A good exchanger should always have large reserves in advance for the benefit of the client. Many customers solve their money matters here, with the simplest possible exchange scheme.

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