Everything there is to know about a Bench Grinder

From the kitchen to the farm, the one dominating factor is the need for sharp utilities and tools. These could be knives or screws; what remains a constant variable is a need for sharp tools. A bench grinder was innovated to satisfy this rising demand, but it can sound not very safe. This article maps out everything you need to know about a bench grinder.

Machinery was invented to help make our work more accessible; from gardening to heavy industrial setups, machines have been utilized to help meet our goals. Consequently, tools used to help meet our daily objectives must be sharpened, recalibrated or even reshaped. Let’s take the example of a simple gardening setup; when you need to sharpen your appliances, reshape metal parts in the appliances, or even polish your wooden sculptures, a bench grinder is your go-to machine.

What is a Bench Grinder?

A bench grinder is a machine used to sharpen other tools, shape them or even polish them by grinding on them. Bench grinders vary in shape, size and features; however, these are the most distinguishable features in almost all varieties; a motor, eye shield, grindingwheel, wheel guard and tool rest. Operating a bench grinder could sound intimidating; however, knowing these parts does not have to be as challenging as it sounds.


This is the essential part of a bench grinder since it determines the type of work it can perform; it is also the critical determinant of  bench grinder price in Kenya. The motor is situated on the middle segment of a bench grinder. Average bench grinder motors work on between three thousand to three thousand six hundred revolutions per minute. Therefore, the higher the speed of the motor, the faster you can get the work done. When buying a bench grinder, this should be at the top of the items to consider.

Tool Rest.

When it comes to sharpening or reshaping tools, we require consistency. You do not want one part to be sharper than the other or to leave uneven margins on the surface. A tool rest is a platform designed to place your tools as you adjust the pressure and direction in which the grinder will work. This part will most certainly make sure your appliances are evenly polished.

Grinding Wheels.

This is another essential feature to check out when buying a bench grinder. Thetexture, material and size of the grinding wheel determine the purpose of the grinder. A grinder usually comes with two different wheels; the smooth wheel is used for simple tasks such as polishing surfaces, and the coarse surface is used for heavy tasks such as sharpening machine and shaping. The diameter of an average bench grinder is between six to eight inches.

Eyeshield and Wheel Guard.

Workplace safety should always be upheld. When sharpening metal, there may be flyaway pieces that, when left unattended, could cause severe damage to the eye; therefore, an eye shield protects the eyes from these tiny metal pieces. On the other hand, a wheel guard protects you from sparks and heat generated from the grinding. It is a mandatory safety requirement to operate a bench grinder covered with a wheel grinder continuously.

Maintenance Tips.

When sharpening metallic appliances, heat due to friction may be produced, which could damage the sharpening edge; therefore, it is advisable to ensure you have a pot of cold water nearby to cool down the metal part being sharpened at regular intervals edge does not get deformed. It is also advisable to use a low-speed grinder when using this machine for the first time. This gives you adequate time to learn and protects the tools from overheating, thereby destroying the sharp edge.

Safety Tips.

Using a bench grinder machine means interacting with sharp metal surfaces and heat. Sharpening or shaping small tools such as screws can be pretty risky; therefore, you should use a plier to stop your hands from getting too close to the sharpening edge. As you grind, sparks are set to go downwards; however, as the edge gets sharper, the sparks may go upwards; therefore, you should have your eye shields on and on the constant lookout to know when your tool has been sharpened enough.


You do not have to struggle anymore using a file, a bench grinder is the way to go. This machine assures the user, efficiency, speed and accuracy. When sharpening surfaces, youdo not have to be concerned of uneven edges while using a bench grinder.

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