Factors to Consider Before Buying a Solar Battery

Solar energy is among the most used type of energy. It is considered a useful element by most people worldwide because it is affordable and convenient for their daily use.

This article focuses on the discussion that is important before deciding to buy a solar battery. Budgeting on an appliance that will serve your needs to light up your home or business is a top priority. You do not want to waste yourhard-earned money on an appliance that will not serve you as efficiently as you expect.

Batteries in solar appliances meet a lot of demands in terms of irregular full charging, heavy charging,and discharging. By its very nature, a battery is made to cope with these applications. The best solar batteries are made with deep-cycle technology. The technology allows a solar battery to give and then recharge and be ready to be charged again. Here are some considerations to have in mind when purchasing a solar battery;

1. Capacity

It is wise for you to know your power requirement before buying the battery so that you do not end up purchasing a battery smaller than your needs. Consult experts to know which battery provides the right capacity for your power consumption needs. The total amount of electricity that the battery can storeis its capacity. It is measured in kilowatt-hours-kWh. In caseyou purchased a smaller one for your competition needs, you can add more batteries to multiply the capacity. However, to avoid all these, you must consult the experts for you to avoid the cost of buying more solar batteries to complement your consumption needs.

2. Battery life

The battery life or cycle life is measured by the number of dischargebites and charges thebattery can give before the capacity of the battery drops. The best  solar battery price in Kenya comes with high battery life and provides many discharge cycles. The best battery should also have a warranty that takes a certain number of years of useful life. During the warranty period, the battery should be able to provide the required capacity to a given warrantied portage value. This shows you that the battery is of the best quality.

3. Round-trip efficiency

The divergent between the volume of energy used to store electrical energy to the battery and the current volume of energy is known asthe round-trip efficiency of the battery. A higher round–trip efficiencyequals more value out of your battery. For example, if you get 6kWh of electricity into the battery and end up getting 5kWh out, that means the battery round–tripefficiency is (5/6x 100) =80%.

4. Depth of discharge (DOD)

Due to chemical consumption, most solar batteries retain some charge at all times. Nonetheless, the best solar battery should be able to discharge as much power as possible for your daily use.


The prices of solar batteries may differ from one seller to another. As you consider the above-discussedfactors,you must researchthe best-sellers before you decide to buy.

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