Factors to consider before purchasing a sollatek AVS 30 in Kenya

Sollatek AVS 30 is an automatics voltage switcher which is rated 30 amperes. It is a complete power device protection that combines over-voltage, under-voltage spike protection. It prevents damage to a piece of electrical equipment which is caused by unstable voltage. It has advanced features which enable the user to monitor the state of the voltage.

Technological improvements and inventions of machines have made things simpler. When purchasing AVS 30, one has to check for favorable factors which make the equipment last longer. This is because there are many fake electronics in the market which do not give adequate protection needed. The following are some of the factors one should consider when purchasing the product;


A machine that is heavy and difficult to move makes one unlikely to enjoy the use of this product. A portable machine that moves around anywhere you want the equipment to go makes it more reliable as one can use it anywhere. When one wants to use a device at a raised place requires a lighter and mobile machine. The picture below shows a sollatek AVS 30

Warrant of the machine

Mostmachines break down soon as they are purchased. When purchasing AVS 30, one should consider buying a machine that has a warranty. This assures the buyer that the equipment they buy is durable, they test its workability and efficiency within the period allowed as a warranty. Warranty informs a buyer of the services the machine is capable of performing and the status of the lasting value of the machine.

The efficiency of the machine

Machine efficiency varies from each other. An efficient machine lasts for a long time and is capable of performing the task quickly and without malfunctioning. Some equipment breakdown when a certain voltage is exceeded. An efficient machine will function in both over-voltage and under-voltage. Some AVS 30 machines have advanced features which help the user to monitor the fluctuations of the voltages and keep them steady. If it’s not steady, the machine cuts off power to prevent damage to the device.

Cost of the machine

Sollatek avs30 price in Kenya is about ksh 8,000. This is the price you will get for original product. Fake ones may appear cheaper and you need to be extra careful. A standard machine requires you to buy at a moderate price which is within your range. Cheap machines can be dangerous as most of them suffer the want of effectiveness.


Theauthorized dealers of the equipment are the best suppliers one should buy the goods from. Some suppliers are brokers who tend to sell faulty devices to consumers in the name of the supplier. Identifying the manufacturer of the machine and some of the listed/authorized dealers will help buyers to access quality machines that will not endanger them during their use.


When deciding to purchase a sollatek AVS30, it’s vital to research the market price of the equipment and other needs which satisfy you. Machines with more advanced features should be considered to ensure the efficiency and durability of the equipment.

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