Factors to Consider When Buying Maize Posho Mill In Kenya

Maize Posho mill is a machine that peels and grinds dry maize into fine flour.

This is an important Machine not only in Kenya-being the common staple food consumed but in other locations globally.

Some Maize Posho Mills have stone burrs, steel burrs, or impact burrs. Depending on your choice that suits you and the customer base, and can do work best.

Electric ones have high speed compared to manual ones.

The machine exists everywhere, but determining the right machine with the appropriate price to produce the finest flour is tantalizing.

The machine is helpful during crisis periods. When one chooses to use the speedy one with high power, can produce large quantities for the market

In addition, this machine has been a pro in kicking out hunger by the speed aspect it processes.

Especially in camps where internally displaced persons (IDPs) are existing.

Below are the 4 factors to consider before buying Maize Posho Mill.


Before considering buying one, put in mind the level of noise it produces.

This doesn’t affect only the user but the environment as well, in the form of noise pollution.

A moderate sound could work best for the operator of the Maize Posho Mill.


No one wants to realize a lie after expenditure. More so, on a product, they can’t do without.

Briefly, maize posho mill prices In Kenya can be determined by the manufacturer or Mill suppliers already in the market.

Furthermore, overspending unnecessarily could be avoided by perusing the internet for different Mill prices before deciding to buy one.


The undeniable factor to consider before buying a Maize Posho Mill is power.

If you want to grind the grains faster to get the super finest flour in town, consider a well-powered one that uses electricity.

It looks expensive, but it’s worth the deal.

Whereas manual ones are slow and may not produce good quality flour in the end.

Size of flour

The buyer needs to consider the storage space of the machine that will fit the recommended grains.

Opting for large bowel ones not only saves time and energy but also maintains the market with its constant availability due to the large quantities produced.

Advantages of Maize Posho Mill

Due to the high demand for Posho accompanied by its nutrient value, many suppliers have considered replacing old ones or buying one or two.

The advantages of the machine count a lot, depending on the level of Posho consumption from household to household.

Others prefer buying for commercial purposes instead of for the locality.

Below are the advantages of Maize Posho Mill.

Commercial purposes versus home use

The machine not only serves commercial purposes but also caters to home use.

Control of quality.

It helps to avoid low-quality flour produced. S/he can control and check the type of flour that goes to the market.

In Conclusion, if you consume maize, this is a go-zone machine that will continuously produce flour for you without regular visits to the store.

Don’t forget that maize Posho flour is high in proteins and vitamin B. Check roller mill price in Kenya.

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