Factors to Consider When Buying Sunflower Oil Extractor

Buying a machine can be very demanding. It requires time, money and commitment. But even at that one has to be careful when choosing the type of machine to do a particular task.

Extracting oil from sunflowers is one of the most common industrial processes in Kenya given the demand of the precious commodity.

Many investors who venture into the industry would wish to have a successful start by ensuring they get a quality oil pressing machine.

So, what are the things to consider when buying the machine?


Before a customer makes up the mind to purchase anything, price consideration of the commodity has to come first.

You can only invest in something which assures you value for your money. That’s why it’s important to compare the cost of the product against the possible gains accrued through its functioning. It’s difficult to calculate profit that’ll come from something yet to start work but estimation is important.


Before deciding to buy the machine,it’s essential that you have a budget to work with. Buying a machine is one but making use of it effectively is another thing. That’s why one has to plan effectively in order to run the after-buy tasks with less struggles. The plan should range from transport to installation, to day to day running of the machine. All this requires enough supply of capital therefore when purchasing, work within a budget.


It’s important to note that the lifespan of machines varies depending on the material and technology used to make them.

Have full knowledge of the machine you wish to acquire, its effectiveness, stability and disadvantages.

Knowing this enables the buyer to plan ahead in terms of what he wishes to do and also plays a key role in one making a buying decision.

Warranty Period

This is an essential factor when buying a sunflower oil extraction machine in Kenya.

Any equipment including electrical equipment should always come with warranty. This outlines means or ways of compensation over a certain period of time in cases where a machine has failed to serve the purpose it was bought to.

This gives the buyer assurance on it’s effectiveness and compensation in case of  future breakdowns happening within the warranty period.


A machine has to be installed or situated in a physical space. Before a buyer makes a decision on the type of machine to buy he has to consider the available space for installation.

A larger space could mean one has freedom to choose bigger machines depending on the budget.

Limited space on the other hand means one has to buy a smaller machine.

However in each case the equipment should serve the buyer’s needs.

Knowledge and Expertise

This will also depend on whether the buyer intends to operate the machine or will employ someone else to do the job.

Having the expertise to operate a machine could be an added advantage as one won’t need to spend extra costs on employing an expert.

You can’t buy something that you’re not well familiar with hence calling for a better approach whenever making a buying decision.


Identify a supplier beforehand. Have the full details on location and means of transport before embarking on a journey to purchase a product.

A buyer will save himself on the troubles associated with wrong deliveries and extra cost.


Our economy develops on a daily basis. To put extra effort In developing it more a buyer has to make the right decisions when purchasing industrial machines. Source

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