Fantasy Poker

Caged birds best know the meaning of freedom !!!! That’s what we had got the taste of during this pandemic. We were confined in our homes. Although we were separated yet were connected with the invisible link called the Internet. The Internet has kept us connected and provides us with the window to keep us entertained. The Internet has become the media that provides us with everything without living in the comfort of our house. The same is with betting. There are various online platforms that are available for betting. They not only promise entertainment but also provide safety. Poker online is also one of the games played for entertainment. 

Poker : 

  Poker is a game played for entertainment. It is similar to fantasy sports like fantasy football or cricket. Poker is an online platform that provides you with the virtual platform to form your team and win. There are certain predefined sets of rules that must be followed. Here, the player has to choose a team of maximum 10 players from the professional player who are going to participate in the live poker tournament. Initially, the player is given a budget of 1000000 credit which we have to you for selecting the players. Once the team is drafted, you cannot make any changes during the contest. The team remains locked during the contest, and the player wins points as per the performance of the selected player in the live tournament. An excellent understanding of the player earns you better rewards.  You can change the team for the next event as per your convenience ( on the basis of the performance of the player in the previous tournament). The person who drafts the team is known as a Poker manager. After achieving certain requirements, one can extend the team limit from 10 to 12. As per the points earned by you during the live tournament, you can challenge other Poker managers according to the selected players’ performance. The advantage of texas holdem poker online is that you can earn real cash prizes. The points earned by you can be converted into cash and can be withdrawn. 

Pros : 

  • Convenient 
  • Legal 
  • Cash prize
  • Safe

Conclusion : 

Poker is a game played for entertainment and can also win you a cash prize. By following the simple steps, the player has to select the player as per their past performance. You can add or drop players as per your convenience before the time out. Once the time is over, you will be locked for that event. According to the player’s performance in the live tournament, you are on the points. Better performance of the player earns you good points. The track of the performance of the player can be kept on the “My Team” tab. As per your convenience, you can drop the player from the team for the next tournament. It is very convenient and safe too.  One can play it from any corner of the world, with only one requirement: Internet connection. So what are you waiting for !!! Make your team and earn money. 

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