Get to Know More About Decra Roofing Tiles

This article seeks to provide an informative analysis of the price ranges of Decra roofing tiles. Individuals who are involved in any sort of construction activities need to know the affordability of the roofing tiles they wish to use.

Quality and trusted roofing solutions are not easily sourced. The existences of sub-standard companies that make unreliable roofing tiles make it hard to find value for money. This strengthens the need to do your due diligence in the market to get a foothold on which is the best above the rest.


Decra roofing systems was formed in 1957 and has since grown into a leading company for roofing systems across the world. Roofing is an essential component in any building and acquiring the right one cannot be overemphasized. Made from stone granules and backed by the toughness of multi-layered steel the tiles are extremely strong.

A house needs a roof andthis is where Decra steps in to provide world-class roofing options. An individual needs the guarantee that the roofing tiles installed in the building will be able to endure the harsh weather conditions.


In Kenya, roofing tiles are a common sight on most if not all construction sites. Contractors have the liberty to search the market for roofing tiles that meet industry standards and are priced favorably. Kenyans are big on saving costs whenever the opportunity presents itself. The market price is a deal-breaker regarding whether to buy a specific product or not.

The average Decra roofing tiles prices in Kenya are above Ksh.2000 per square meter on all their tile profiles. The tiles are renowned for their potential life expectancy of 50 years. Moreover, their low maintenance requirement promises to ease the nerves.

They have an enormous catalog of roofing systems to choose from and meet any customers’desires. They boast of having the best durability and longevity for their products. Impressive designs and color styles also provide the roof with an elegant finish upon installation.


Before buying the roofing tiles, Decra offers the customer the luxury of sampling the available tiles. Moreover, they also give an estimate of how much it is likely to cost thus helping in making accurate budget decisions.

There are considerations that one has to make before purchasing roofing tiles. The size of the building will determine the number of square meters required to satisfy the work to be done. The weather conditions associated with the areaare also a factor since different tiles suit different conditions e.g. tiles meant to withstand winter are not the same as those that endure sunshine.

Durability is also a major consideration in selecting the appropriate roofing tiles. In the case of longevity, clay and concrete tiles boast an expected lifespan of over 100 years. To some, the design and style is the key determining factor.


At the end of the day, the buyer needs to make a correct decision to prevent future regrets regarding the selection of roofing tiles. Having an experienced individual who understands the market and which styles and designs to use is an advantage.

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