Have a Plastic Surgery Website? How to Get Your Content to Shine

If you are a plastic surgeon, chances are you are doing everything you can to bring patients through your doors. And this is understandable. Between other plastic surgery practices and medspas, competition is high, especially in areas like Southern California, where areas like Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and San Diego offer more than a few options. 

One of the best ways to market your practice is through your website, and an often-overlooked (yet significant) part of your website is the written content.

The Power of Content

Even though content is on every page of your website (and significantly helps to drive traffic), it is often overlooked in favor of other aspects, including design and other marketing services. While good content alone is not necessarily enough to ensure a website that ranks well on search engines like Google, it is an important factor. 

So, what should you focus on with your content?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

If you have spent any time trying to manage your own website and help it rank on search engines, you will be very familiar with the concept of SEO. 

SEO (search engine optimization) is simply a practice used to help inform Google that your content has value. 

One important aspect of SEO is using proper keywords. Keywords represent commonly searched terms found on different search engines. While there are many programs available to help you determine what the right keywords are, you can also approach it in a more logical way. Ask yourself, if you were looking up a service (such as breast augmentation in Rancho Cucamonga), how would you write that question into Google. 

Maybe you want to learn information about breast augmentation costs in Rancho Cucamonga or breast augmentation recovery. These are all keywords because they represent commonly searched topics. Using these words and phrases in your writing and answering these questions can help your content rank.

Show Your Authority

Even knowing the right keywords isn’t always enough to rank. You can’t just list popular keywords on a web page with no other context and assume that you will get visitors to your site. This is because Google and other search engines are smarter than that. 

Their “spiders” or automated bots search every web page on the internet to determine its value. It will look at whether the content you have answers the most popular questions visitors have. It will also evaluate whether the information you are presenting shows you as an authoritative voice. 

If you want to rank, make sure that your content proves that you know what you are talking about. 

Don’t Get Too Wordy

If there is anything that recent studies have shown us, particularly in terms of mobile users, it is that visitors do not want to visit and stay on sites that require too much thought and effort. This means that you have to walk a fine line between providing the information they want and not going overboard. 

The best way to do this is to focus on short paragraphs with text that is easy to understand and digest. If you are writing in an elevated manner that is difficult to understand, your visitors will not stay, and they will also be less likely to contact you to schedule a consultation. 

Your ultimate goal is to convert your site visitors. You want them to take the next step and contact your office for a consultation; however, if they don’t stay on your site, they will have less reason to contact you for an appointment.

Answer the Questions You Pose

If you are going to pose a question in a blog or page content, you need to be sure that you answer that question. Your visitors have a lot of options when it comes to answering their questions, and if they do not get the response they are looking for with your site, they will go elsewhere. 

Need Help With Your Website?

These tips are just tip of the iceberg when it comes to creating content that ranks and converts. If you are struggling to create content for your plastic surgery website, you may want to consider bringing in a top plastic surgery marketing agency.

Marketing agencies who specialize in plastic surgery will have trained writing staff who are knowledgeable about the most popular procedures as well as current SEO rules and proper practices. They will be able to help you generate content that will make a statement and a dent in your site’s ranking ability.  

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