How Businesses Operate During Pandemic

For over a year, we have been struggling to survive with our daily lives. The pandemic has taken over the world. As people are practicing social isolation for months, it has affected every business.

Kudos to those businesses that are still operating! How did they do it? If you are a business owner who’s about to give up, try doing these strategies. These are some of the efforts other businesses made to continue their operations during the pandemic.

Digital Marketing Efforts

Social media platforms and digital marketing is an excellent combination for businesses today. Almost all people are into social media and blogs. Dedicating some of your time and resources to this marketing effort will help you reach several audiences.

Carefully plan your marketing campaign. You have to understand what works and what doesn’t in reaching more potential customers. For example, a commercial laundry service is tracking the effects of their marketing efforts and adjusting their services according to their data and customer feedback.

Every dollar and resource counts, especially at times like this– when there is no room for trial and error; and non-essential costs. Start-ups that have lesser resources because of the pandemic need to think critically and quickly to survive.

Consider Customer Feedback

Social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have gained importance to brands to connect with their customers without disobeying the health protocols. Using social media means identifying your target customers and paying close attention to their online activities.

During these uncertain times, a business can stand out by responding to customers’ needs and concerns by looking from their perspective. Customers want something unique, affordable, and essential to them.

For laundry businesses, it is best to offer a laundry pickup and delivery service to their clients. Not all laundromats have this service.

Virtual Selling

Most companies now lean their sales processes towards the virtual realm, which doesn’t make it any less professional than in-person meetings, prioritizing value and first impressions.

If you want to do virtual selling, you have to dress professionally. Create a pleasing environment and make sure to have clear audio and video. You have to work on how you deliver your virtual selling to have seamless communication with your customers. Use valuable tools and guides to attract more potential customers.

Clients may get slower in their purchase decisions, but it will do as long as you have unique and compelling products. A careful and well-executed approach is all you need to seal the deal. This can mean selling laundry products from a laundromat.

Host Virtual Events

Hosting virtual events that entice the target customers’ needs can provide value while reaching people from afar. It may be challenging, but business owners find ways to make the event stand out from the crowd.

They provide an interactive experience and incentives, like giveaways and expert speakers to entice people. They end the event with a clear call to action that leaves their audience feeling connected to the brand and willing to continue a relationship with them. There can also be things like sales and promotions or giving free products for loyal or newer customers.


Business growth opportunities come with the right people, especially now that entrepreneurs are trying to survive and help each other. Focusing on networking means building valuable connections and keeping existing contacts to invite progress.

Updating their supporters about the milestones and successes increases the support and belief in what they are doing. Share progress every once in a while with tact, empathy, and recognition that things are difficult. This can also come in the form of a commercial laundry service provider lending a hand towards another provider with their laundry machine.

Transparent Communication

Customers may feel uncertain about the pandemic, but they’ll remember the companies that supported them. Take a holistic approach in communicating with customers, especially about the changes you’ve made and what they can expect from your business due to COVID-19.

Check-in on your employees, too. They turn to you for updates about the effects of the pandemic on the company. This time can also help build a stronger relationship between your team members and give a better sense of their value to the company to motivate them to be productive, leading to business growth, regardless of the other people.

Always be authentic and transparent in your communications, and remember to listen to your customers and staff. Asking how they are and checking in on them shows how much you value them. This is a crucial thing to do, as so many people are struggling nowadays.

Do not give up yet. Try everything you can to keep your business operation going.

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