How to Create a Logo for Your Business

Every business does you really need a logo the answer is yes but the good news. It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive to make yourself a nice Logo. How to make a logo for your business is part of my startup series which is sponsored by wix is my go-to platform for website creation services and more. So, use the link in the description below to start making your website and your website is going to look 10 times more professional credible and trustworthy once you have a nice logo.

We need to follow these steps for logo.

  • Realize why you should a logo
  • Describe your brand name identity
  • Find motivation for your project
  • Checked out the opposition
  • Select your project style
  • Locate the correct type of logo
  • Pay interest to color
  • Pick and choose the right design
  • Connect with your designer
  • Assess your logo possibilities
  • Anything not to do while creating a logo
  • Incorporate your logo project into your product

There are several steps in the logo creation and visual branding process this is the same process. I go through with my clients because logo design and branding design is one of the services. I offer as a freelancer so, i always tell my clients that the first step is to think about your target audience.

who are the types of people that you are trying to serve in your business narrow that down as specifically as you can and consider the demographics of the people the psychographics of the people and doing this practice will get you?

The mind in the right frame to design a logo that will be attractive to them the goal is to create a look and feel that’s going to be inviting to your target audience to the point. Where they can just look at your logo look at your website and say yes, I want to work with this business this business is for me so step two is to pull inspiration from similar businesses and brands that you

admire that are in your niche.

That is relevant to your business take note of the styles of their logos the colors the fonts and imagery used. There are many different styles of logos for a simple logo it can just be a logo type which is a logo that’s just stylized text that’s all and if you want to add an icon to it then that’s called a combination mark. If you’re looking for something that’s more ornate and decorative then there are emblems and monograms and a lot more different type. So, start looking at what type of logo that might be fitting for your business.

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You are going to be looking to create or if you’re going to be adding an icon and what that icon

might be for your brand. Step 4 is to create a color palette so you can select colors for your brand based on simple color psychology like there’s a reason that health brands always use green, or energy drinks and fitness brands like to use red and yellow like very active colors.

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