How to create the performance support tools utilisation into different kinds of phases?

Performance support tools have been extremely effective in terms of providing concise as well as relevant information to the people and the user can be anyone including the newly on-board person on a particular product or the working of software or several other kinds of things. Hence, having a fair understanding of all these kinds of things is very much important for the people so that overall goals are efficiently achieved and there is no hassle at any point in time. Being clear about the performance support tools is very much important for the organisations so that multiple advantages are very easily enjoyed. The creation of an electronic performance support system can be perfectly done into two phases which have been explained as:

  1. In the very first phase, the people will be identifying the characteristics of the electronic performance support system as per the overall needs and requirements of the organisations.
  2. Then in the second step, they will be incorporating all these kinds of characteristics into the system into different kinds of phases which will make it very much better to be implemented throughout the process.

 The phases have been explained as follows:

  • Phase 1:

As per the research report, the electronic performance support system should be computer-based so that it comes with several kinds of advantages for the organisations and further being clear about different characteristics is important.

The most important characteristics are:

  1. It should have the ability to provide access to specific information
  2. It should be used on the job along with simulations
  3. It should be controlled by the user it should help in reducing the need for prior training in the whole process

It is also very much important to ensure that people can carry out the tasks in two main ways which are explained as:

  1. Static slideshow: This will be the very basic slideshow that will begin on the user screen and will help in explaining the series of actions to be required in the whole process.
  2. Interactive walk-through: This is considered to be the interactive walk-through that will help in providing the organisations with the ability to highlight the particular elements on the web-based application so that people can take the right kind of actions throughout the process very easy.
  • Phase 2: 

Under this particular intermediate phase, the organisations should have the complete potential of training the system uses to be processed so that onboarding with the new ones can be carried out that will make it very much efficient for the employee training. Being clear about the prerequisite knowledge is another very important thing to be undertaken throughout the process so that organisations can have proper access to the right side of information which will further allow them to have access to the admin simply needs so that overall goals are efficiently acheived.

  • Phase 3:

This is the efficient as well as fully functional phase in which everything will be perfectly created and basic functionalities will be taken good care of throughout the process. Providing the information depending upon the user learning style is a very important thing to be undertaken in the whole process so that people can deal with things perfectly and everything becomes very much easy. Providing information depending on the user job role is another very important thing to be checked especially in the cases of people who belong to the non-technical background so that they can understand the things perfectly and there is no compromise with the performance of the organisations.

Hence, the electronic performance support tools and the performance support authoring tools should be perfectly implemented throughout the process so that organisations can extensively simplify the employee training and change management systems. Creating the multifunctional system is considered to be a tedious task which is the main reason that following all the above-mentioned tips and steps is vital for the organisation so that they can very easily ensure a streamlined performance procedure which will help in providing a good amount of support software to the fulfilment of all the organisational requirements and needs very easily.

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