How To Get Best Quotes from Moving Companies?

Selling a house and buying or renting a new one is not enough, you also need to hire a good moving company with Best Moving Quotes. Finding a proper moving company and getting a good moving estimate is not as easy as it looks.

To get the best moving estimates by the companies, you need to start looking for the companies and their moving quotations as soon as possible. Without wasting any time, we have listed a few tips to hire a moving company with better estimates.

The moving quote is an estimate given by the respective company to give you an idea of moving costs. In order to get an accurate moving quote, you need to share some general information regarding your move, like the distance to cover, number and type of items. Apart from these, packing your goods on your own or needing movers for it is also a factor that determines your moving quote.

Tips to get the best moving quotes

There are some factors that could affect the moving quotes from various companies. Here are some tips to avoid fraudulent companies and get the Best Moving Quotes:

Early birds discount

As soon as you sell your house and buy(rent) a new one, you must start collecting moving quotes from different companies. Starting this process early can provide you with plenty of options to choose from as more companies get booked as time passes. Also, being the early customer, you can avail the best discounts on your move offered by the moving company.

Hiring a moving company early can benefit you in moving your items flexibly and as per your requirements. Also, one should consider getting more moving quotes from different companies before finalising a particular quote. Comparing different estimates would present a clear idea to you.

Written quote

One should always trust a written quote and avoid deals verbally, no matter how affordable the moving companies sound. Getting a moving quote through a phone call might be an easy task but it could be risky and inaccurate.

Fix a meeting with the moving agent and get an authentic moving quote. You can also try the online medium to get moving quotes with the best prices from different companies.

Types of moving quotes

Moving companies generally endorses three types of moving quotes, according to Consumer Affairs. These three types of moving quotes are:

Non-binding quotes: This is the type of moving estimate that you should preferably avoid as the moving companies can give you a lower estimate and charge you higher at the time of delivery. This happens because moving companies provide a moving estimate based on the weight or cubic feet.

Binding quotes: In this category, a moving company is not subjected to charge you more than they quote if there are no changes in the job. You will not be charged more by the moving company if the weight or size of your items is more than estimated.

It also has a demerit, that you will not get any discount if the weight or size of your items is lesser than the estimates.

Binding not to exceed: This type of moving quote resemble binding quotes in every manner but one. If your belongings weigh less or have a smaller size than the estimate, you are subjected to pay a discounted amount. And just like binding quotes, you do not have to pay more for items that are heavier than the estimates.

Getting an in-house written quote is the most accurate way to hire a legit moving company. Keep the above factors in mind while talking to the movers and get a reliable company with the best moving quotes and satisfactory services.

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