How to Pick the Right Vape for Your E-Juice

Vapes are used by many people across the United States. These devices act as an alternative to cigarette and cigar smoking. In 2020 alone the total sales of these devices jumped to 17.1 million units per 4-week interval.

People use these devices for a variety of reasons. These reasons include low costs, flavor choices, they are seen as safe to use, they can be used indoors, they have a favorable odor, and vaping machines are seen as helping with quitting smoking cigarettes. Today, we’ll focus on how to choose the right vaping machine for e-juice used in vapers.

Choose a vape type.

When you begin to vape, you want to make sure that you are choosing a brand that works best for you. There are varying types of vapes that you can use. Each is different in many ways and caters to the different vaping needs of users.

To begin with, there are vape pens. These devices are also known as personal vaporizers and look like sleek, stylish writing pens. Before you jump too far ahead into looking into purchasing the best 510 vape battery for your device, look further into if a vape pen is for you. These devices do come equipped with safety features like a tank, and they are powered by a rechargeable 18650 battery. You can find starter kits for these types of vapes.

Cig-A-Likes are another option for your vape needs. They appear to be combustible cigarettes and have an LED on the end that mimics a cigarette. They are portable and carry approximately 24mg of nicotine. They don’t really give a user an overall vaping experience and aren’t as technically adept as other vaping options. They don’t match the smooth look of a thread vape pen or have much battery life as a vape pen battery. Many don’t require many accessories and provide a basic sort of vaping skill.

While, some vapes mimic the look and feel of a cigarette. It doesn’t seem like there will be a vape to replace cigar smoking anytime soon. Cigars are a different animal. Many people smoke premium cigars for not just the taste and feeling, but also because of the prestige. While cigars have more nicotine than cigarettes, not as much actually affects people since cigars aren’t inhaled.

A step up from the cig-a-likes are pod systems. These vaping devices have replacement reservoirs for E liquids. You replace these systems with new pods to replace e-liquid. These have internal batteries working as the power source for the vape.

Other accessories include USB chargers, a power button, and the aforementioned e-liquid pods. Lastly, there are box mods. These are a bit bulkier in size but can provide users with quality vape sessions. You can use a variety of e-liquid vape cartridges, and you have the ability to adjust the voltage and wattage of these devices. The scale of wattage usage can be anywhere from 10 watts to 300 watts. Choosing the right vape type is the first step to take to find the right vape for your e-juice.

Compare battery life.

As with any machine which requires batteries, you want to choose a device that is not a battery drainer. In the case of vaping, you’ll find yourself having to replace a vape pen battery, a thread battery, mah battery, or variable voltage battery for your vaping machine. If cost is an issue, you might be forced to purchase a vaping device that doesn’t have much battery life but is cheaper. At least you’ll have extra money to put towards your weekly water delivery of bottled water.

If you pay more for a more quality vaping device, then there’s a better chance that the battery life will be longer. If you’re a heavy vape user, then consider saving your money for a higher-end portable vape. Comparing vape battery life is another way to help with choosing the right vape for your e-juice.

Find a vape that is portable.

You’re more than likely going to be carrying your vape device around to smoke on the go. Portability is key. Make sure that you are carrying a device around that’s not too bulky, and won’t require much effort to simply pull out of your pocket and use.

A thread vape pen is perfect for this, due to its slender size. You won’t have many accessories to carry around for it, and your vaping experience will be less cumbersome in the long run.

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