How To Play 3 Card Poker

Three Card Poker is a type of stud poker played with a conventional 52-card deck. Derek Webb created 3 Card Poker in 1994 in the United Kingdom. This table game is a trademarked table game that has been a success in the world of casino gambling. Three-card poker is a classic game in today’s online and live casino gambling world.

Some of the most popular casinos online, like okbet, offer 3-card poker games. There are several betting options and strategies to choose like head-to-head play vs. the Dealer. We will guide you through this article on playing three-card poker.

Rules of Play

  • A dealer button will be provided to all Designated Players that qualify at the table. Standard decks of 52 plastic playing cards are used to play Three Card Poker.
  • Each player is required to place an Ante bet. The “Pair Plus” wager is entirely optional.
  • Prior to dealing the cards, “No More Bets” will be stated.
  • All hands will be dealt from left to right, clockwise.
  • All cards must always be visible to the Dealer, the Designated Player, and the other players.
  • Any discrepancy in the quantity of cards given to a Player, or if the shuffle machine blinks red, will result in the hand being considered dead, and all cards will be removed immediately.
  • A Rake will be deducted from the bankroll of the Designated Player based on the total amount of wagers put. The table will have a Rake chart on it.
  • To qualify, the designated player must have at least a Queen High. When the Designated Player qualifies, all other Players are eligible to win if their hand beats the Designated Player’s.
  • The layout lists all bonus rewards.

How to play?

  • Each player, including the dealer, is given three cards.
  • The cards are dealt face down, which means no one else at the table can see them except the person to which they were dealt.
  • Because each player may put two sorts of bets – Ante and Play, and then Pair Plus wagers – 3 Card Poker is often referred to as two casino games in one.
  • You bet against the dealer to discover who has the highest Poker hand with the Ante wager.
  • If you don’t want to fold your hands after checking them out, you must place a Play wager. The Play wager is the same as the Ante wager.
  • When you choose the Pair Plus wager, you’ll bet straight on your cards, bypassing the dealer’s hand.
  • However, you do not have complete control over the bet selection.
  • Every 3-Card Poker player must first make and Ante and Play bets in most Casinos; this is the only method to get cards.
  • Only then are you permitted to put a second Pair Plus wager.
  • Whether you choose to wager on the quality of your own hand or not, the cards you are dealt determine your odds of winning.

How Do You Place Bets?

When you sit down at a Three Card Poker table or in an online casino that offers games casinos like okbet, you may generally pick between a few wagers depending on the table you choose.

Ante Bet: In a round of play, the dealer’s hand, players must place an ante bet before any cards play to compete.

Play Bet: If a player decides to stay in competition against the dealer after reviewing their hand, they must make a play wager equivalent to their ante wager.

Pair Plus: the wager that players must make before any cards give to compete against a set payment scale, regardless of the outcome of their hand versus the dealer.

Ante Bonus: If you make one of the best hands, you may be eligible for an Ante Bonus award. These straights or better rewards are included in the ante-play section of the game and do not need further wagering.


Three-card poker rules are simple to understand, and three-card poker odds aren’t horrible compared to other options, so the game has something going for it. There’s no compelling reason to stay away from three-card Poker. With the right online casino, you will enjoy playing and betting on 3-card poker. Our recommended Online Casino is okbet. They are excellent like any other casino site, and they have better odds than most of them. There isn’t a winning strategy for 3 card poker either, so you’ll lose money in the long term, but that’s true of almost all casino games. So, please give it a go and see what you think. You’ll be OK as long as you love it and follow the easy strategy ideas in this post.

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