How To Prepare Your Salon for its Grand Opening

Whether opening a new business or expanding your salon space, having a grand opening is a great way to spread some buzz about your business. Being a salon owner can have its moments of stress, so to avoid stressing over your opening day, plan ahead and make sure these three elements of your business get proper consideration.

Invest in quality spa pedicure chairs.

Investing in top-quality salon chairs is a great way to improve your nail salon’s aesthetic because the pedicure station is one of the most visible parts of your space. So besides making a great first impression on new clients, your pedicure spa chairs are also a great way of providing your clients with a relaxing spa experience.

Low-quality chairs may be an affordable option, especially if you’re just starting out in the spa business. However, the low-quality materials from which they’re made may cost you a ton in repairs/replacement down the line. Nothing elevates a mani-pedi like comfortable salon furniture. However, the best pedicure chairs should be easy to clean and sanitize. Different models are easier to clean than others, so as you’re shopping around, consider this. All pedicure stations, foot basins, the manicure tray, and other replacement parts should be cleaned regularly to avoid the risk of infection.

Some pedicure chairs come fitted with plumbing pipes that are found at the base of the chair. For easy cleaning and preventing bacteria growth, consider pedicure chairs that come with pipeless technology, an adjustable headrest, and disposable liners.

Have a security surveillance system installed.

As a salon owner, your business should create an atmosphere of rest and relaxation for your customers. They’re coming to your premises for you to help them look and feel their best, so for this reason, their security should be the last thing that they have to worry about. On the other hand, you still have a business to protect, and workplace security issues should be one less thing for you to stress over during your workday. For these reasons, consider installing security surveillance cameras in and around your beauty salon premises.

According to security system pros, Verkada, different types of surveillance cameras offer different types of surveillance, so before you select a security system for your salon, you first need to figure out what your security needs are. For instance, if you want a surveillance security camera to help prevent crime or monitor employees’ illegal activity, you should consider installing a dome security camera.

The dome camera gets its name from its arch-like shape and being enclosed in a dome. Dome surveillance cameras are great for both indoor and outdoor use because their casing makes them tamper-proof. They also come with night vision and motion detection settings, making them the best option for salons based in high-crime areas. Security cameras can be installed anywhere on your premises; just make sure you have a power source close by.

Arrange a luxury gift bag for your soft opening.

If you can, set aside an amount in your budget to offer small gifts to anyone who comes through your salon’s doors. The gift bags could contain gift vouchers, in-house DIY nail kits, branded towels, or slippers. The point of this gift bag should be to help you open up your business to a new clientele. Don’t break the bank trying to put a complimentary gift bag together. Instead, work within your budget and, most importantly, include your location/contact details, hours of service, and services offered.

Starting a business isn’t easy, so keep these tips in mind as you look forward to opening your business. Also, in case we hadn’t mentioned it, congratulations on your opening!

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