How to Register a Line Account?

Line is a popular Korean messenger. Having originated in Korea, the utility has found a wide application not only within th e border of the states but also in neighboring countries. Users can not only chat but also share video and audio content, make lists of favorite and unwanted contacts, and follow celebrities. The software is compatible with all types of operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows Phones), which ensures its smooth running on all devices.

Types of Line App

Essentially, Line is a mobile app. However, its bowser version is also provided. They distinguish two types of software:

  • a downloadable application for all modern gadgets, including tablets;
  • a desktop version for PCs.

Users can register and log in via any option.

A Detailed Guide on How to Create a Line Account

If you want to join the Line community and stay with relatives, friends, and colleagues via this messenger, you need an account. Let’s see how to register Line account. The registration procedure implies the following stages:

  1. If you register via a desktop website, go to it and find the “Sign up” button.
  2. If you use a smartphone to create the account, you should go to the Play Market or App Store (depending on what OS your gadget runs), enter the “Line messenger” in the search bar, and find the utility. Alternatively, you can visit the official website via a mobile browser, find clickable logos of Android and iOS, and click on the required one. You’ll be redirected to the download page.
  3. Click on the “Download” button.
  4. When the file is downloaded, unpack it. and install the app.
  5. A newbie will be asked to create a login.
  6. Account authorization is the last step of registration. You should enter a mobile phone number, to which a Line SMS verification code will be sent.

Some trouble may arise since some users pay particular attention to their privacy. Being aware of the fact of frequent hacker attacks on Internet websites, some users are not eager to specify real data and phone numbers. Are there alternative ways to pass registration on the messenger? If yes, how to make Line account without phone number? Let’s find out the issue.

Alternative Ways to Activate a Line Profile

If you do not want to enter a real phone, you can pass profile activation via the following means:

  • link a Facebook account. In this case, you’ll prove your identity by linking a profile on the social network;
  • enter an email address. A confirmation letter will be sent to email. Upon activating the link in the letter, your Line account will be verified;
  • use a fake online phone. This solution allows for acting legally while staying anonymous and keeping all data secure.

Most Common Reasons for Using Fake Numbers

  1. Some users can’t use their own phone numbers for different purposes. For example, their occupation or status does not allow chatting on such messengers.
  2. The need to create a second or a new account. Some people use the messenger for business and send newsletters or get in touch with clients with the utility. At the same time, a user wants to have a private account, i.e. distinguish between work and private life. Still, the Line User Agreement does not allow creating multiple accounts.
  3. The number of hacker attacks has increased recently. Users are afraid of blackmailing, stalking, or other illegal activities toward their personalities. Thus, they feel safe when no real data is specified on the Web.
  4. Possible data theft. Although the portal is reliably protected from scammers, and a limited number of employees have access to user personal data, no one is protected from coming across fraudsters. Thus, data leakage and reselling may occur in rare cases.

Benefits of Fake Virtual Phone Numbers

The use of virtual numbers has the following perks:

  • quick registration and profile activation without the need to enter real data;
  • the number stays with the user when relocating;
  • improved privacy and anonymity. Users are not afraid of hacker attacks. If the case of data theft, scammers steal fake information;
  • multiple account creation. It is possible to buy any number; users can create as many accounts as they need;
  • wide opportunities for business, private life, and everyday usage.

Where and How to Connect Fake Online Phones?

Now, when we know how to create Line account without phone number, let’s see where to find this virtual solution.

  1. First of all, you need a trusted service provider. Such phones are sold on specialized Internet portals. So the first thing to do is to browse several websites and compare the offered conditions, price policies, and guarantees. Based on the obtained information, pick the most suitable provider.
  2. Register on the website of the chosen provider. Enter all the required information.
  3. Activate the account by entering a received verification code.
  4. Study the price policy and calculate how much money you need to deposit to pay for the phone and the subscription.
  5. Top up the balance.
  6. Select the county, the number (specify how many phones you need), and the subscription period.
  7. Issue a request & pay for the service.

Line is a popular secure messenger. However, hackers manage to find keys to the most protected systems. To secure themselves from possible illegal activity, Internet users prefer to keep anonymous and avoid entering real information. Fake online phone numbers help pass verification and register accounts on most social networks, messengers, and other Web resources. This is a convenient and multi-functional solution for surfing the Internet securely and boundlessly.


How can I see who reads LINE?

The messenger has a special function that marks messengers as “Read” or “Unread”.

Is it safe to use fake phone numbers to bypass verification?

This is the safest solution for passing authentication and activating profiles without specifying real data. Fake phones help users keep anonymous.

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