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How To Sell On Google Cloud Marketplace

Google Cloud Marketplace is a service provided by Google. Partners in the Google Cloud Marketplace can start now and get started for no cost.A high-level description of the process of selling the apps on Google Cloud Marketplace is given below:

Select the services you wish to have.

– Check that the product meets the criteria to be included on Google Cloud Marketplace.

– To become a Google Cloud Marketplace seller, fill out the form below.

– Choose a promotional strategy.

– Make sure you’re about to put your goods on the market.

– Integrate Google Cloud Marketplace for your apps.

– Prepare a go-to-market (GTM) plan for your product.

On Google Cloud Marketplace, you can sell one or more of the following product types:

– Containerized applications for Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and Anthos: Users can run Kubernetes apps on their GKE clusters or on their own infrastructure using Anthos.

– Custom VM instances that run on Compute Engine are known as virtual machine (VM) goods.

– Google-billed software as a service (SaaS): Google-billed SaaS apps that run on Google Cloud.

– Container image products: Containers that are open source and published on the Container


– Dataset products: Google Cloud customers can access dataset websites.

You must satisfy the following conditions if you wish to sell goods on Google Cloud Marketplace:

– Requirements for your company

– As a Google Cloud Build Engagement partner, the company must be licensed.

Your company must be registered in one of the supported areas.


– Your company’s gross sales must be at least $1 million.

Specifications for your product

To be publicly listed and sold on Google Cloud Marketplace, the product must be production-ready (not alpha or beta).Professional services offered by Google Cloud Marketplace are not allowed in your product.

Invoices for research use are being received.

You continue to collect invoices for use of your released Google Cloud Marketplace goods since adding your billing account as a Test Billing Account. However, matching savings balance out any costs you would otherwise pay for using your goods.

Your use of one of your released Google Cloud Marketplace items, much as your customers’ usage is included in their invoices, is included in the invoice.

With the definition Marketplace Partner Research, a discount reflecting 100% of the testing use of your released Google Cloud Marketplace items.

Costs associated with the Google Cloud technology

Google calculates how much your clients pay for your goods and how much Google owes you each month. Your payments are usually made on the 21st of each month. This page will guide you through setting up your payment options and enrolling for payments.

You must open a primary bank account in order to collect the payouts. You can add more accounts to your payments profile, but only your main bank account can accept payments.

You should add more people to the payments profile you’re in charge of. Users you select will get emails about payments by chance. You can also grant them access to your Payments page, your payment history, and edit permissions for your payment profile.

Viewing the invoices

Open the Payments tab and press View Transactions to see your transactions. You’ll also get a monthly use and disbursement sheet, which reveals how much your goods are being used and how much money they’re bringing in.

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