How to Set Up the Ultimate Work From Home Office

With remote working here to stay, it is time to finally scrap the temporary setup you made do with and invest in a proper home setting that allows you to comfortably and productively get your work done. A great WFH setup can help you on your remote workdays, and it can be an essential strategy if you are considering enrolling in an online degree.

If you are considering enrolling in an online program, a great WFH setup can make all the difference, regardless of whether you work in the office or at home usually. Staying productive when you are in charge of your own routine, especially when you need to work around a career, can be difficult for many.

A productive space can make a difference. The right tools can make a difference. Every office space, even if that space is simply a desk in the corner of your bedroom or living room, needs a few basic essentials:

Basic Essentials Every Home Office Needs

The right setup can make a world of difference if you are trying to juggle a DBA online degree and your career or are trying to work from home while also setting up a side business. With organization, function, and fun in mind, you can create a space that is relaxing, productive, and healthy.

1. Bright, Natural Light

The blue-white light of daytime does wonders towards waking you up and helping you feel and be productive. Our bodies are hard-wired to work around daylight, so positioning your desk in front of a window where you will get as much daylight as possible will help you work more productively at home or on your degree after you get home.

Tip: You can use a blue-white light bulb in your lamp or a light therapy lamp if you do not have good access to a window or if you need to continue to work or learn after night falls.

2. Enough Surface Space

You need space to comfortably spread out. While a small table may be enough to hold your laptop, you want enough space so that you can comfortably use and see all the material (both digital and print) in one place. This will make it more efficient to work and study from home and can also help keep your workspace feeling Zen and stress-free.

3. Supportive Chair

You need a chair that allows you to work without hurting your back. There are many interesting options out there as well, especially if you are someone that works best when they move often into new positions. Take note of how you want to work, and then find a chair that works with that. For some, this may be good lumbar support. For others, the ability to sit in different positions is a must.

4. Décor

You want your space to be designed well. Put up pictures and art, have sculptures to fidget with, have a throw or blanket, and in general, try to make it nice. We immediately relax and feel better when we enjoy the look and feel of the spaces we are in. If you don’t feel like that, then your stress can actually get worse.

5. Plants

Nature is a proven wellness booster. While the chances of even a room full of house plants making a significant difference to the air quality are low, plants can still work to reduce certain particulates. Seeing and being around natural elements can also help with destressing and improving mental wellbeing.

Hardware Essentials Every Home Office Needs

Chances are you need to have a computer and full digital set up in order to work or study from home. A few of the best hardware essentials you will want for your home office include:

6. Second Monitor

One of the best investments that you can make for your home office is a second monitor. If you primarily work from your laptop, this just means having one extra monitor that stays on your desk. With this monitor, you can have two screens within easy reach. A second monitor can make it easier to work, and it can be essential if you are completing an online degree. You can watch a lecture, for example, on one monitor and then have your notes on the other.

7. Wireless Accessories

Wires get messy, they get tangled, and they can cause a lot of unnecessary stress when you try to work around them. The good news is that almost everything that needs wires on top of your desk now comes in wireless editions. A few recommendations include getting a wireless keyboard, desk, and wireless charging dock. You will need to get into the habit of plugging your accessories into their chargers when you are done at the end of the day.

8. Strong Wi-Fi Connection

Test your internet connection wherever your office is located. If it isn’t strong enough, then you will want to troubleshoot the issues now. In some cases, you may need a new, better modem. In other instances, you may be better off switching providers. You may need to change the settings or get a Wi-Fi booster.

9. Desk Accessories

From a mouse pad to a laptop to a laptop stand that can tilt, there are many desk accessories that will help improve the design and function of your space. Get these last and only when you feel there is a need for them. However, you could end up crowding your desk space.

Software Essentials Every Home Office Needs

From work to study, there are many great tools that you will want to invest in or download to your computer setup.

  1. A cloud-based and collaborative note-taking app like OneNote.
  2. A schedule tracker that you can customize for work, study, and personal commitments.
  3. An extension that blocks distracting pages and apps.

Though this isn’t an extensive list, the fact is the best software and app tools will depend on what you need. Keep track of what hiccups exist in your workflow and use that list to help you find the best tools that will transform your WFH or study-from-home experience.

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