How to Start butchery business in Kenya

Having a butchery business premise is not only about providing excellent customer service, it is also about having the right equipment. If you are starting to make plans to launch your butchery, then the top priority should be to get the right equipment. Here we give you some essential equipment that you need.

A successful butchery is not only about providing excellent and fresh customer service. It is also about having the right equipment to maintain the desired quality. If you are starting to make plans to launch your butchery, then the top priority should be to get the right equipment. Here we give you some essential equipment that you cannot do without if you are considering starting a butchery business.

1) Meat Mincers: The important equipment of any butcher shop is meat mincer. They are used for grinding several hundreds of pounds of meat per hour as well as to make sausages. They are indispensable to a butcher as they can grind meat quickly thereby saving the butcher a lot of energy and time. Typically, a butcher would use a commercial meat grinder rather than a manual grinder.

2) Butcher’s block: A butcher should always use a specially designed block and stand for cutting meat. These tools are created not only to cut meat effectively but also to increase, hygiene, and safety. The block and stand should also have a surface that is tough coated. That way it can lessen the wear and tear of the equipment thereby extendingits lifespan.

3) Meat smokers: Smoking meat as a method has withstood the test of time, and many butchery premises can benefit from it. Smokers offer a lot of choices regarding flavor and capacity. You should invest in a meat smoker that would benefit your business. A meat smoker can be used to fuel the smoke to control the flavor. You could choose wood, electricity, charcoal, and other such methods to produce smoke for your meat.

4) Processing machinery: One of the butchery equipments in Kenya was a meat tenderizing mallet. But modern butchers use a stainless steel cuber to tenderize tough meat. There are several meat saws available these days to suit your needs. A floor band saw can cut large meat. Tabletop meat slicers can process different meat cuts to suit the requirements of the customers. Some newer ones can even produce different types of minced meat.

5) Meat tables: There are two types of meat tables used in a butchery premise. They are sliding tables and stable tables. The sliding table is tilted and can be cleaned without having to remove it. It will eliminate issues where tables cannot be refitted accurately. A stable table is not removable because the reinforcing bends will ensure that it remains stable and rigid throughout.

6) Miscellaneous accessories: There are several miscellaneous things needed for the butchery’s smooth and efficient operation. You will need stainless steel tables, carts, trays, refrigerators, and freezer units. You will also need a cabinet to display the meat for customers. The other pieces of equipment are scales, as well as protective gear like helmets, aprons, goggles, gloves, and gumboots.

Final word

A successful butchery business premises should look clean, organized, and neat. Provide all staff with a coat and a clean set of uniforms. Just because they are in a butchery  premise, doesn’t mean that their uniforms should look dirty and stained. A dirty look can turn off customers and you would not know what is causing low sales. So, keep the premises and area clean. Check more about butchery equipments prices in kenya.

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