How to start forex trading in South Africa?

Are you a South African who wants to step into the rapidly growing loop of Forex trading around the world? With over tens of billion dollars being traded in South Africa daily and trillions of dollars globally, you need to know everything about forex trading in South Africa to go in with a prepared mindset. Carry on reading to increase your knowledge and begin your Forex trading endeavor in South Africa!

About Forex trading

Forex trading, also known as Forex Exchange Currency Trading, is a distributed or dispersed global marketplace where all the world’s currencies trade with one another. The liquidity of this market is what sets it apart. It works for more than five days a week. There are different types of participants in Forex trading, such as commercial banks, governments, institutional investors, currency speculators, and commercial corporations.

How are currencies traded?

Central banks are the core elements for the forex market where the currencies are traded in forex pairs, also known as the exchange rate pairs. Often these marketplaces exist as spot cash markets, assisted by derivatives that offer future options and currency swaps. Traders who participate use Forex as a platform to strategize against international currency and rate risk, including some other factors. The foreign exchange rate is the mainspring of Forex.

How does the Forex marketplace work?

There is no official central market for Forex marketing, unlike Stock exchanges. The currency exchange is done through online communication, so all transactions are done globally without a centralized hub.

How to start a forex trading account in South Africa?

Forex trading is a legalized process for every person in South Africa. The beginner tools you need are a laptop/computer, internet connection, some capital to invest, a nicely laid out strategic plan, and you’re all set to start trading online.

Find a regulated forex broker, preferably an FSCA or FCA regulated broker, and place your trades in the market. More than 100+ brokers accept South African traders, so you have many options to choose from.

Which trading strategy should you use?

Fundamental analysis involves trading based on the newest releases. On the other hand, technical analysis involves trading based on what’s trending on the charts. Use a combination of fundamental and technical analysis. Even if you plan out a strategy mainly based on the chart values, it is necessary to keep in mind the new changes that a market adapts daily for your business plan to be effective. Study both types of analytical methods, and derive a strategy that works best for you.


There is a lot to learn when you want to start forex trading in South Africa. It is one of the largest sources of financial earning and can be very beneficial to you if done with complete knowledge and understanding of all Forex trading technicalities. Eventually, you can establish a successful trading system in the rapidly growing Forex industry.

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