Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Lawn Mower

Beautiful lawns are always a dream for the majority but this is only achievable with the right information at hand. This includes having the right mowing machine and the use of correct methods and proper timing. At this point, people are making moves to acquire lawn mowers but are unable to make the right decisions. This article reviews key factors to consider when buying a lawnmower.

Lawnmowers were invented during the 19th century and have played a critical role in lawn care in both domestic and industrial settings. They are manufactured in different types and models based on various factors. The most widespread type is manual as they are cheaper and affordable to a big portion of the population.

1. Warranty

This is a binding legal agreement between the seller and the buyer to replace or refund the money in case the machine is faulty or breaks down early. This factor is commonly ignored by buyers yet it forms a good foundation for buying a legitimate product. The buyer should make sure the warranty is valid and for a considerable length of time.

2. Cost

After deciding to purchase a lawnmower, you ought to make thorough research about the types your budget can afford. With consideration of other factors, a person can purchase the best lawn mower at less cost. Various companies claim to offer the best mowers at prices favoring the customers but this is not always true unless thorough research is done.

3. Engine

Lawnmowers contain different engine types and sizes. Any customer should never fall into trap of purchasing a mower because it is glittering and looking new. Some manufacturers know how to brand well their products and without a keen eye, a person can settle for a less powerful machine. The engine power should match your expectations regarding the area mowed per unit time.

4. Maintenance

Any customer would be interested in buying a machine that can easily be maintained or has been undergoing maintenance. Before buying mower, check for a company offering the best lawn mower power price in Kenya. Inquire from the seller how regularly he or she performs maintenance and how frequently he or she changes the oil used during testing. The filter also should be clean for a brand new mower and this is an initial sign of a long-lasting machine.

5. The general condition

After deciding on the type of mower to purchase, the general condition has a considerable influence on purchasing it. Check the wheels for ease of cracking or wobbling. The handles also should provide comfort and should be hand-friendly. Start the mower by yourself to certify that you can easily run the machine in the absence of the manufacturer.

6. Seller

A seller can be the manufacturing company, a dealer, or an individual owner of the mower. It is always safer to buy directly from a manufacturing company or a known dealer. An individual selling the mower can do so due to various reasons and a buyer should inquire and investigate the reasons behind it.

When buying from an individual, consider asking for any warranty attached and other attachments associated with the machine. Any paperwork associated with the mower should also be handed to you to ensure you have a legal ownership right.


Lawn mowers under the right usage routine and maintenance can perform a wonderful job and last long. The major maintenance practices include oiling the moving parts and regular cleaning after every use. Be sure also to fix any broken parts to prevent personal injuries.

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