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Increase Brand Awareness with Instagram AR

Effects & Spark AR

Nowadays, SNS is constantly evolving. Updates that change the user experience are often made, such as changes in display algorithms, features, and new trends. When operating SNS in a company, you can deepen communication with users by following these changes.

This time, we will focus on a function called Spark AR that can be used on Instagram, and we are planning to put more effort into it in the future. In the section below, the article will introduce the benefits and examples of companies presenting Spark AR while considering the future possibilities of Spark AR.

Whatever; if you want a proven way to increase brand awareness with Instagram AR effects & Spark AR , the most suitable platform is Catchar. In this mentioned link address, you can get everything that you want to increase your brand awareness.

Catchar helps businesses and brands to order and activate Instagram

Augmented Reality effects. Catchar platform is run by CEO and founder — Dan Zaitsev. This platform presents more than thousands of ready-to-go Augmented Reality products and white-label solutions. Moreover, businesses can hire professional Spark AR developers and designers. Also, they explore examples, key studies and use cases.

You can create advertisements without a feeling of advertising:

It is common for digital advertisements such as SNS and the Web to have an ad too strong for the user to lose interest immediately. Perhaps many of you have seen unpleasant video ads on Instagram or unpleasant ads on Facebook.

Indeed, advertising is “you want to push out the strengths of our products and promote them.” But sometimes it becomes an advertisement that is not very good for users.

However, with Instagram’s Augmented Reality filter, there is almost no advertising feeling, and even if it is launched in a campaign, users may not even notice that it is an advertisement. It is very appreciated for companies to be able to create advertisements without giving an impression of advertising.

Advertising effect that lasts semi-permanently:

With Instagram’s Augmented Reality filter ads, you can expect a higher return on investment than other advertising products. Once you have created an Augmented Reality, it will remain in your account without any maintenance or operation costs.

Therefore, by appealing the Augmented Reality effect with your account, you may accidentally have influencers use it. And it plays a role like a “stock asset” that will continue to be used even after the release of AR. It also has an analytics function, and in the case of excellent AR, the number of users may increase.

High diffusivity:

Instagram users can add Spark AR to shoot their daily scenes and post them to the story, making the content different. So good Augmented

Reality is naturally used by users and is one of the community members. It also happens that it becomes popular worldwide and gradually spreads too many people.

Unlike conventional advertisements, AR that has been put out as an advertisement or campaign can be enjoyed and used mainly by users. And it naturally spreads along with brand information, which is a significant advantage of using an AR filter. With a typical ad, you can only “get the ad seen” when you reach your customers.

However, AR filters can be enjoyed by users. It can be said that the utility value as an advertisement is very high. Because it is easy to create a user experience type advertisement.

Increase purchase motivation:

Augmented Reality has the effect of increasing purchasing motivation, such as trying on products such as cosmetics and sunglasses, trying out furniture, and other experiences that it can only experience after purchase. DIOR offers fittings for items from the spring / summer 2019 collection on its official Instagram account.

Increase engagement (intimacy):

When using Instagram for a company, it is vital to understand the “algorithm” that allows many users to touch their accounts and content. It is essential to raise the engagement score as a typical factor that dramatically influences the algorithm, and one of the methods is the Augmented Reality effect.

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