Is a Dog or Cat Right for You?

Are you ready to add a pet to your household, but are torn between a dog or a cat? Some people consider themselves to be dog people, and others cat people. The ancient rivalry lives on. Do you know which pet fits your lifestyle the best? Let’s delve into the ins and outs of what it’s like to have each species to make your decision a little easier.

What to Ask Yourself Before Bringing Home Any Pet

Caring for any pet is a big decision that you must commit to long-term. Dogs and cats can both be fantastic companions, but they may not work into everyone’s particular lifestyle. If you are thinking about getting any new pet, answer the following questions honestly first.

  •  Does your home have the space for a pet and all of the ‘things that come with it such as a dog crate or litterbox?
  • Do others that live with you want a pet as well, and will they be helping you care for the pet?
  •  Do you have the time to spend with your new pet, playing with or walking with it?
  • Can you afford everything that comes with having a pet such as food, pet supplies, and possible medical emergencies?

Now that you have thought those questions through, it is time to consider whether a dog or a cat is right for your lifestyle.

What Is It Like to Have a Cat?

Cats are pretty clean by nature, as they spend much of their time grooming themselves. They are picky in that they expect their litterbox to stay cleaned out regularly. This means you will need to set time aside to keep it freshened.

Another important aspect about cats to remember is that they need to scratch. Having a scratching post will provide an outlet for this desire. Doing this will help them to keep their claws trimmed and clean. If you don’t provide them with something to scratch, they will find something on their own. When they don’t have a scratching post, you may find your couch corners shredded.

Something else to remember about cats is that each one has its own unique personality. Some cats want to be held and may greet you when you come home, while others run and hide when they see you. Basically, some cats are social butterflies while others are wallflowers. You just have to get to know your cat and accept them for who they are.

What Is It Like to Have a Dog?

Dogs require an abundance of affection and attention. If you have a cat, you might not even see it for 24 hours or more. If you have a dog, it is unlikely that 1 hour will go by without you seeing it. If you get a puppy, it will need even more attention than you can imagine. Every hour or two, you will need to take it outside to potty and to play.

If you know that you want a dog, consider how its size and exercise requirements will fit into your lifestyle. For example, if you are a couch potato, a large dog that needs to be walked every day might not be the best choice unless you are ready to change your lifestyle.

No matter what kind of dog you adopt, he or she will need regular interaction with people. They will expect everyone in your home to pay attention to them. Because of this, make sure that everyone is ready for this to happen.

Which Pet Is the Right Choice?

The answer to this can be found by following your intuition and speaking with every member of your household. Cats and dogs both make great additions to your family. Just keep in mind the level of commitment that we are talking about, as dogs live at least 10 years and cats longer than that. 

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