Is Avatrade a Good Platform or Not: Things you need to know

AvaTrade has become a well-known global brand because of its wide variety of FX and CFD trading systems and its excellent educational tools, which won it the award of Best in Category for Beginners in 2022.

The results of our research show that AvaTrade is a market leader when it comes to copy trading is one of the best options out there for mobile trading and offers reasonable pricing and research tools.

Investment Opportunity: An overview

The range of markets completely depends on the platform you want to choose and the worldwide company that holds your account at AvaTrade. Moreover, AvaTrade provides access to 1,260 symbols in MT5 and almost the same number in WebTrader, while certain symbols are temporarily unavailable.

There are many investment products that AvaTrade offers to its customers. However, you can easily trade in cryptocurrency using Contracts for Difference (CFDs), but you can’t trade the underlying asset itself (e.g. buying Bitcoin).

●  Fees and commissions

Contracts for difference (CFDs) are complicated financial instruments that can be difficult to understand and have a significant risk for fast capital loss.   It’s important to ask yourself if you’re OK with the significant chance of losing money and if you have a strong mind to learn and understand how Contracts for Difference (CFDs) function.

Even though AvaTrade’s spreads are relatively better than those offered on the entry-level accounts provided by CMC Markets and Tickmill, they are still near the industry standard at almost one pip (0.9 pips).

●  Experienced traders:

If you meet the requirements to be an authorized successful trader, the spreads on the Professional account at AvaTrade are reasonable at 0.6 pips and similar to those at FP Markets.

●  Apps overview:

AvaTrade offers its own unique mobile platforms, AvaTradeGO & AvaOptions, and the MetaTrader suite, often known as MT4 and MT5, for use on mobile platforms running the Android and iOS systems.

●  Easy to use:

The AvaTradeGo app is quite similar to its web-based version, and it has the same powerful standard set of synchronizing watchlists and volatility control functions (named AvaProtect). For an extra fee, AvaProtect enables investors to cut down on potential losses from open trades by partially protecting their positions using FX options.

●  Charting:

There are 93 indicators available for use with the charts on the AvaTradeGo app, but We had to go through a few menu settings to get to them. In contrast, there are no charting tools but only three different chart formats. Trading Central includes a suite of relevant research and analysis tools as with the web interface. AvaTrade’s mobile charts are generally helpful, but they might be better.

●  AvaOptions:

AvaOptions is a well-made program that provides details about option chains in a new way. The target cost is displayed on the chart in AvaTrade, and traders can adjust it by sliding it up or down. Moreover, the order ticket will be pre-populated with the proper options contracts based on your choice of one of the 14 pre-set options trading methods. It was annoying that the app required me to keep my phone in a controller-like landscape mode throughout the session.

How safe is AvaTrade?

Overall, the Trust Score for AvaTrade is 93 out of 99, making it a low-risk option. AvaTrade isn’t a publicly traded corporation; it doesn’t control a bank; it is licensed by four tier-1 (high trust), four tier-2 (average trust), and one tier-3 (low trust) regulatory bodies; and it is not under U.S. or European Union regulations (low trust).

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