Key AWS Solutions Architect Roles and Responsibilities

Cloud Computing is rising quickly to become the de facto mode of running a business and handling an organization’s data. Gartner expects Public Cloud Spending to reach USD 332.3 billion in 2021, from USD 270 in 2020. Leading Cloud Service Providers are Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft’s Azure. Many companies are using their services to manage their workloads. AWS and Azure both offer very similar services and at a similar price for their pay-as-you-go pricing model for all of their services. AWS is the market leader for consecutive years now and offers the highest number of services more than any other cloud service provider. And AWS has more customers worldwide than any other Cloud Vendor. Therefore there is a tremendous demand for qualified professionals in the market. Anyone wishing to break into Cloud Computing, I must say this is the right time to enroll in a recognized AWS Certification Training to master the architecture of AWS and become job-ready.

AWS Solutions Architect

Before we begin with the Roles and Responsibilities of AWS Solutions Architect, we must understand the designation, the process behind becoming an Architect, and how to become a qualified Solutions Architect?

AWS Solutions Architect is one of the most in-demand roles in the AWS Cloud. How demanding? Well, the average annual salary that a trained and equipped AWS Solutions Architect will earn INR 12,40,874 in India and USD 114,350 in the USA. This figure is for AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Associate Role. The AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Professional will receive a better payroll. AWS Solutions Architect is a professional who solves problems and finds solutions for his organization as he/she is a master of AWS Architecture. They are trained to develop solutions that will cut costs down and have all the good properties like scalability, reliability, etc.

To become an AWS Solutions Architect Associate, you must clear the certification exam (AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Certification exam). The passing mark is 720 out of 1000. This exam has a scaled score from 100-1000. You can become a fully equipped AWS Solutions Architect by enrolling in a certified course. Also, refer to the top AWS Interview Questions and Answers to face the certification exam with confidence. Once you pass, you can attend the interview of the companies that are using AWS services.

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AWS Solutions Architect Roles and Responsibilities

Allow me to list down several primary roles of an AWS Solutions Architect in a company:

  • Have to comprehend the core needs of the company to understand the system specifications better.
  • Have to communicate system requirements to the development team.
  • Plan and Design technology solution arrangement.
  • Must evaluate and decide fitting hardware or software to fulfill the specifications and suggest methods to integrate.
  • Since these professionals are proficient with AWS Architecture, they must oversee and guide other team members and also provide technical assistance when required.
  • Ensure that the system requirements are implemented and address any technical suggestion, idea, or concern from the team or the client.
  • He/she must monitor these systems to make sure business goals and system specifications are met.

AWS Solutions Architect responsibilities can be summarised into few points:

  • Problem Solving
  • Time Management
  • Conducting regular meetings
  • Staying abreast with skills
  • Has to attend to many tasks at hand

Let’s discuss each of these responsibilities in brief:

Problem Solving:  As a Solutions Architect, you will have proficiency in working with AWS Architecture. So you will be in a better position to formulate plans and better guide teams on the industry-best practices. So the majority of your daily routine could be classified under the Problem Solving category.

Has to attend to many tasks at hand: Being a Solutions Architect, you will have to attend to many tasks. You will have to review old and new proposed environments, make appropriate adjustments, be in meetings with stakeholders, travel onsite to meet customers, update AWS features, write scripts, troubleshoot them, work closely with the team and clients and many such tasks come under day-to-day activities.

Time Management: Since there are a variety of tasks at hand and solve problems daily, you must be able to efficiently manage your time for day-to-day activities.

Conducting regular meetings: Architects have to generate solutions for the business requirements set by their clients. A part of your day will be spent in these meetings where you are supposed to understand the specifications of clients/customers and the business requirements. Now all this also depends on the company you will be working for and the exact job profile you hold.

Staying abreast with skills: Cloud Computing is a relatively new technology that businesses from all around the world are adapting to. It is evolving continuously. AWS is the market leader, and innovation is the reason for its growth. You must keep updating your knowledge base, participate in conferences, meetups, etc., wherein you will meet experts in your field.

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