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List of the top Search Engines in the World

One can tell the advancement of our age by taking into account the number of tasks a person is capable of accomplishing with a simple invention i.e. internet. If you are a user of AT&T Internet, you know the blessings of a good internet provider. One can literally sit at home and do half of his job from there, without having to go all the way to the office. That is when we don’t resist praising the Internet of Things and the fusion of artificial intelligence that have benefitted man in almost every field of life. You don’t have to rely on people to do anything. You can count on your computer to handle all of your tasks. When we say ‘tasks’, we mean all those tasks related to your business, studies, or any task related to your life – the internet has all the answers. By internet, we mean the search engines that are resting on your desktop, waiting for a move from your side. These search engines can connect you with a wide range of websites that will lead you to whatever it is that you are looking for. 

Now, there are multiple search engines as we speak. Part of this article’s purpose is to get in detail the number of search engines that are highly beneficial to undergo any task, at hand.    

  • Google 

This is the best one that we have. Let me ask you this, what is your go-to place to get the answers for every question or confusion you are faced with throughout the day? Google, right? It has to be Google for a single alphabet of it is worth $650 billion. Founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google was initially started as a research product that later became a hit on such a massive level that everyone now uses it, all the time. It has the ability to power its own search results. You can even get search results for other search engines as well, for example, or Bing. It processes a huge amount of searches every second which is why we know it is one of the busiest sites on the internet. It has around 1800,000,000 visitors a month which explains its worth in the marketing field. By visiting masstamilan you can download Tamil movie songs free.

  • Bing 

In 2009, we see the competition between Bing and Google as Microsoft introduces it to the audience. Bing replaced MSN search in 2009 and added AOL sites to its search results in the year 2016. Given these features, Bing becomes the dominator of 33 percent of the search platform in the United States of America. Visitors use Bing to get the most authentic results that are not ineffectively backed up by SEO experts but for their own ability to come at the top. If you want to watch videos, you have to search for them on Bing because it is the best place where one can search for videos compared to Google. The reason why Google tops them all is only that it shows every kind of result. With Bing, the quality is not compromised concerning the content you are looking for. 

Another reason you should go for Bing is the fact that it rewards points to its users. Depending on how much you use Bing, you get points that you can use when you shop or make purchases from multiple places like Starbucks, Amazon, etc. It is increasing its user-base by making collaborations with Yahoo and other web searches. For SEO experts, Bing search might be a good place to optimize their content owing to its great marketing ROI. It gets 500000000 visitors every month.         

  • Baidu 

If you have lived in China or are about to, you should know that Baidu is the Google there. Founded in 2000, it has around 82% market share in the respective country. Currently, it is making huge investments in artificial intelligence. It is expected of receiving traffic of 3.3 billion each day solely in China. 

Baidu is now making alliances with the companies of automated cars and with many other technological industries. Approximately, 480,000,000 users visit this search engine every month. 

  • Yahoo 

Here comes the turn of Yahoo that has been performing remarkably over the past many years. Founded by Jerry Yang and David Filo, this search engine became the fourth largest search engine in the list of all the search engines. It comprises multiple areas of interest like news, finance, and sports. Verizon bought Yahoo quite recently, which helped in boosting Yahoo’s search engine, as Verizon comprises of AOL search as well. 

Speaking in terms of numbers, Yahoo has around 206 million visitors each month which brings us to the conclusion that it is the third most popular digital forum after Google or Facebook. Like Bing, it is also famous for giving the best video search engine results. It will also let you search for videos from platforms like YouTube, MySpace, etc. 

  • DuckDuckGo 

For private browsing, you can go for DuckDuckGo as not only does it have a free version but also a paid version that allows more features than the free version. It is an excellent search engine for people who want to keep their data safe and secured from outsiders by restricting the searches to a very limited time and, in fact, losing the track of history and other search queries. Artificial Intelligence Company provide more safety by using robot.

One of the unique features of this search engine is that it comes with an app specially designed for iOS users. And another of its best feature is that you can turn all the advertisements off of this site. The experience of this search engine is also smooth speaking in terms of its page-scrolling tool like Suddenlink TV that does not require constant clicks on every page. You can simply scroll down to a line of pages without interrupting the reading/viewing. It is user-friendly, which allows it to bear the title of one of the friendliest and handiest search engines that there is. Due to these reasons, it gets around 150,000,000 visitors each month.

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