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Mark Julian is the Business Coach Everyone Needs

The common adage “if you can’t do, teach” strikes a cord with many of us, and gives us a good laugh. But apart from jokes with our friends, there is no situation we want this to be relevant. Unfortunately, it carries a lot of truth and weight in the world today. Many people aspire to be influential, household names, without the work, experiences, and lessons to get there. So instead of offering real value to learn from and engage with, they instead leave us with vapid ideas and opinions that haven’t been fully thought through.

Fortunately, this description doesn’t apply to everyone. Mark Julian of The Business Baller offers to teach only from what he has learned for himself. Showing signs of industriousness and entrepreneurship since the age of 14, Julian, who also goes by MJ, brings his decades of business experience and success to the public. In what he calls The Business Baller University, MJ offers videos, guides, and coaching to help encourage and shape other businesses.

Now known for his work in developing and successfully implementing strategies for himself and for his clients, as well as his books detailing the framework for his success (which can be found on Amazon here and here), MJ’s legacy as a mentor almost reaches the height of his success in his own business pursuits. Starting his first joint venture at 14, MJ has grown and expanded his knowledge base and the service he can provide all throughout his life. Starting shortly after he left the Army, where he earned the name “Idea Guy”, MJ has been buying, selling, and running businesses his entire life, with over 25 companies bought and sold by him currently. Focusing on the health and medical industries, MJ has innovated and created fresh, quality products to solve the needs of consumers while still expanding the profits of the businesses. And after producing 60 different products from ideas all the way to the market, MJ is as inventive and innovative as he is resilient and powerful.

With the Business Baller University, participants will be able to learn from decades of firsthand experience and wisdom, with instructions and actionable guides on how to imitate MJ’s success. Students of MJ will be able to learn from business case studies, attend live training on business and inventing, and read his free resources to train them in leading their businesses to success. He also offers online business assessments, filling out questionnaires to get an idea for the health of a business and the opportunities that lay ahead of it.

For those who want an even more up close and personal learning experience, some will have the opportunity to have their questions personally answered by him one on one, receive feedback, evaluation, and real world testing of new products, and even go into business with the “Idea Guy” himself! 

Now, we should know that in MJ’s mind, business is not the only aspect of life. Similar to his philosophy with his products, business is something that is supposed to improve the quality of life, not completely overshadow everything else. “The most successful person is the happiest one as long as they can pay their bills.” The reason MJ wants to make himself available is because he is passionate about innovation, quality products, business growth, and satisfied customers. Having learned many lessons from his own business career, “many of them the hard way” he says, MJ now aims to help others learn what he knows so that they can have a solid foundation and a good head start with their own businesses. He says that “Sharing the information and knowledge so many can benefit from the experience and wisdom gained from the struggles” is what The Business Baller is all about.

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