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Perfect Gifts to Give Your Pregnant Best Friend

When your friend becomes pregnant, it can be an exciting time for her and her family and friends. It is traditional to provide gifts at a baby shower, and many friends will offer tokens of appreciation and affection earlier to celebrate the news. However, some perfect gifts to give your pregnant best friend include things that will make her feel acknowledged and cared about and show excitement over the new baby, as it is not uncommon for the needs and wants of the mother to become less important than those of the baby.


As the family prepares for the baby, there are many tasks that will need to be done, shopping to be completed to assure that all the necessary items are ready for the baby, and your friend will have less free and expendable income to spend on herself. Gifting her a spa treatment, massage, or even a dinner out with you can allow her to do something that is just for her and will help to show that she is still cared for and that you value your time together.

Doing things with your friend will help her prepare for the changes to come while enjoying time with her friends and family. This is a vital part of being part of the support system that she will need for the changes that are going to be made in her life.

Pampering Products

If you know her favourite lotions, perfumes, or her preference for soft scarves or blankets, you can provide her with her favourites. In addition, gift cards for places she likes to go and or things that she finds to be relaxing and cause her to feel herself, such as nail or hair appointments, will offer her a way to care for herself. These show that you know what she likes and how she prefers to pamper herself, and if you can go with her to enjoy these gifts and pamper yourself as well the time spent, you can strengthen your bond.


Many times with friends, people want to remember and have photos and items that will support those memories well into the future. New moms also often enjoy creating a record of their pregnancy and the first years of the child’s life; making items that can feed and support these memories can be a well-received and appreciated gift. So find the best memories from your friendship together and create a photo album that you can build on together, a favourite photo of you together or journals for her to record all of the things that are happening currently that she will want to remember.

Useful Items for Baby

Share your own favourite items from pregnancy and the first year with your friend. For example, buy her your favourite sling or wrap carrier, or Bibs Dummies from CMC Gold, or supply her with a set of baby towels that you liked more than others, or another item you couldn’t do without.

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