Safety tips that you can follow when making online payments

Living in a world of technology and digitalization has eased our lives. Online payments are a part of this evolution and a new concept that has come in most handy at this pandemic. Online payments using debit or credit cards, net banking, mobile banking, UPI are popular worldwide.

Digital payment is very convenient and secure. However, being a little cautious when making online payments will help you not fall prey to any cybersecurity breach.

These are a few tips to help you ensure secure online payments and transactions

Never save card details

For the convenience of multiple uses, the software often asks to save card details. Whenever you are making an online purchase, try to fill in all the information right from scratch. While keeping card details can help you make quicker payments in the future, it also compromises the safety of your account. Do not forget to erase your card information after completing your online purchase.

For online transactions, use private windows

The safest way to make an online deal is to avoid doing it through suspicious websites and apps. Instead, rely on pages of apps that are official and trusted and have the verified badge.

You must use pages designed for safe online transactions as unauthorized pages save cookies that can use your stored information and credentials after logging out of the page.

Never share your passwords

This integral and everyday advice is given on almost all platforms to help you preserve financial security. Internet banking passwords should be made extra strong and never shared with any family, friend or stranger. If your bank asks you for such details over a call, always contact your bank and inform them. Always go for transactions that use OTP or one-time passwords to enhance the safety of the transaction.

Be very careful of false applications

With numerous payment applications, it is sometimes difficult to identify the authentic ones. However, you can locate them occasionally through lower download numbers, no verified badge, or negative reviews.

In regards to the crypto shopping experience, you can shop stress-free with minimum fees. However, there were multiple instances where fake applications take the money and give nothing in return. Therefore, it may lead to colossal fraud and is an easy way for cyber theft.

Do not use public Wi-Fi networks or computers

Whenever you are making an online payment, avoid using public devices. Wi-Fi networks are often prone to frauds, theft, and cyber-attacks. Only trusted websites can offer secure online transactions. They are using public domains to make online payments, expose your credentials, and increase the risk of data theft. Always try using a personal device and a trusted Wi-Fi source for every financial transaction.

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Thus, while online transactions help you save a lot of time, they can also cost you a lot if not done correctly. Therefore, be careful and extra cautious each time you are making a digital payment. Try to avoid paying online unnecessarily and do with a small amount of cash. Using the cards at all places is not safe.

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