Singapore Casino – Types of Online Games offered in Singapore

Among the perfect gambling destinations in Asia, Singapore holds sheer significance because of the quality of the betting being offered in the island country. In particular, online gambling in Singapore is at its ascendance because of the eagerness of bettors to gain access to offshore betting sites.

Despite the status of the gambling laws in the country, multiple gambling games are being catered to Singaporean gamblers.


Among the items on this list, the lottery is the only one deemed legal within the confines of Singapore. Along with horserace betting, the lottery industry is being operated by a gambling company that is owned by the government of Singapore.

Additionally, the lottery is integral in the history and culture of Singapore because the habit of buying a lottery ticket every day is being passed on for generations. As of writing, Singapore is offering three variations of the lottery—4D, TOTO, and Singapore Sweep.


Slots is a casino game that involves pushing a button that triggers a spinning mechanism of a reel that has symbols on them. If you happen to match a set of symbols in a row with similar symbols, then you win the betting round.

One of the wonders of slots is they come in a variety of themes and variations. Some online casino Singapore sites offer even hundreds of slot games which are enough to get you hooked for hours. Additionally, slots are not only popular in Singapore but also renowned in Asia as a whole.


Roulette is probably a fan favorite amongst casino table games across the world. online casino Singapore sites are also catering to roulette gamers.

The game is pretty simple and easy to play by predicting which slot will the ball land on the wheel. The number or color in which the ball landed will determine if you win or not. Additionally, luck plays a huge role in this table game which means you don’t need a strategy to win the game.

Roulette offers multiple betting options for online gambling enthusiasts. As a result, players would be able to choose the type of wager that is more aligned with their gambling budget or preferences.


Despite having a European origin, the game of baccarat is much more popular in Asia than in any part of the world. Asian bettors, especially the high rollers, love to play baccarat in the halls of Macanese casinos. The reason is that the simplicity of the game is perfect for the values and cultures of Asia.

The goal in playing baccarat is to create a winning hand out of the wager that you placed on either the player’s or banker’s hand. Two cards will be dealt every round and if the prediction of the bettor is correct, he or she wins the gambling round.

Video Poker

Video poker is the electronic version of our dear classic poker. The goal is to create a better hand than the ones made by your opponent. The thing is that the game is much closer to the mechanics of a slot game than the original game itself.

Unlike table poker, video poker lacks the human element such as croupiers like other table games. What this means is that luck plays a huge influence in determining the outcome of the game.


Singapore is the gateway of the world to Asia, this is why the gambling offering in the country originated in various countries. You will be satisfied with the variety of gambling forms on online casino Singapore sites. Now that you are accustomed to the popular casino games in the Lion City, you can now get started in your gambling journey!

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