Six Things You Need To Know About Sunflower Oil Machine Today

Industrial evolution has brought about changes in the oil production industry.  To make oil production faster, easier, and more effective, oil machines have and are still being developed and improved. This article highlights some of the key things you need to know before purchasing one of these oil machines, the sunflower oil machine.

Its rate and amount of oil production

Suppose you want a sunflower oil machine for bulk production of oil, then, you should consider a largescale or a commercial expeller. This is because it is best suited for the high rate of oil production in bulk. On the other hand, if your purpose for sunflower oil production is not on large scale, the best machine to suit your needs is a small-scale machine.

The types of sunflower oil making machines available

Sunflower oil machine comes in two types. The conventional screw type and the multifunction type (with oil filter) sunflower oil machines. A multifunction oil machine extracts oil and filters it at the same time to produce high-quality oil unlike the conventional one. Oil from the multifunction sunflower oil machine does not require a refinery afterward.

Left: conventional screw type; right: multifunction type.

The price of the sunflower oil machine

The performance of the different types of sunflower oil machines that I mentioned above is not the same. This among other features greatly influences the sunflower oil machine price in Kenya. Therefore, you must know the price of each different type of these oil machine before making a purchase.

How to use the sunflower oil making machine

Perhaps if you were to buy any commodity in the market today, you ought to know how to use it. Based on the type of sunflower oil extraction machine you go for, you should be in a position to know how to use it for its purpose. Besides knowing how to use it for production, you should also know about the care and maintenance practices you should carry out to make it last longer.

The capacity of the sunflower oil making machine

You must get to know more about the production capacity of the machine. This comes in handy to help you to avoid overworking the machine. Besides ensuring you do not overwork your machine, it also helps to make you use it most effectively and avoid producing less than you should.

The overall specifications of the machine

Other than focusing on specific features of the sunflower oil extractor should you buy one, you should study the features of the machine given by the manufacturers. This will help you determine if it is the right type that will serve your purpose by knowing all the pros and cons. It also acts as a guide on what you must have for installation to ensure correct functioning.


The price of a sunflower oil machine in Kenya is influenced by many aspects. Above are some things you should know before buying a sunflower oil machine. To get high performance and effectiveness, you ought to make the right decision about the price of your sunflower oil machine.

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