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Taiba Sheheryar is Building a Life of Hope

Taiba Sheheryar is a Pakistani-Canadian model and entrepreneur who has defied steep odds and is weaving an incredible life story. Having already left a mark at Mrs. Universe 2017, the world’s premier international beauty pageant, Taiba  is the only Pakistani model to break through on an international stage, having emerged from a culture that makes the idea of modeling not considered a noble profession.

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As a fashion model, she has featured in multiple fashion magazines with top fashion brands and beauty brands. She was a ramp model at the IFFC (International Fashion Festival Canada) and the Toronto Fashion show. With a multi-season set of styles from a variety of top brands, she’s developed quite a reputation fashion influenced. Taiba has a social media following in the tens of thousands, and uses her platform as a place of positivity and encouragement. She effectively builds her own set of styles using fashion forward brands, with innovative photography in various locations within Toronto and beyond.


“Growing up I wasn’t allowed to make choices about what to wear, or have much self-expression,” Taiba explains. 


Today, Taiba shines in the Canadian fashion industry by supporting large Canadian designer brands. “I came to Canada in 2011 from a small town in Pakistan. I never wanted to be put in a box determined by society about how girls should be. So when I came to Canada, I broke all the stereotypes set by men under the name of social norms. I wore what I wanted to wear. I walked proudly without bending down, like how I was told and brought up. I studied what I wanted to study, I laughed loudly instead of holding a stiff, tough look which every girl is told to have on her face. I showed love and affection to every race, nationality, and gender which was not taught in my school books. I listened to loud music and watched movies which I was deprived of. I did all of those normal things which were not normal for me and a lot of girls like me.”


In a unique turn for her industry, Taiba is a dedicated example of philanthropy in her modeling work. She is currently helping to revitalize several Canadian fashion brands by actively purchasing from and supporting brands such as M-Boutique ,Lintervalle, Mackage, Saje Natural Wellness, and many others. She is also working in South Africa in schools and orphanages with the help of organizations such as Extra Marks and Feed The Babies. She is helping children attend school and have more chances at learning in a rural village in her home nation of Pakistan. Normally, children in the village perform heavy manual labor. Taiba has helped to change this by equipping the village and school with resources, medical supplies, and more.


“I want to give back as much as I possibly can. Helping children see their potential and rise above their circumstances is what matters most to me, because I can understand the world so many of them come from; I’ve lived it. I want to build a life marked by hope.”


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