The Importance Of Regular Duct Cleaning In The Home Or Office

Cleaning your home can be done in a number of ways, ranging from simple tasks like dusting and vacuuming to more complicated procedures like air duct and HVAC system cleaning. There is no definite cleaning method for making sure your home is entirely germ-free.

In order to provide the most healthy environment, a wide variety of cleaning activities must be carried out. An essential aspect of a clean home is the quality of air that passes through ductwork and HVAC systems.

I spoke with a duct cleaning specialist from Sem’s Duct Cleaning to better understand how vital duct cleaning is to secure a healthy living or working environment.

Check The Ducts

A thorough inspection of ducts is the first thing you want to do. Vents need to be visually inspected to see if dust is present and whether they need to be cleaned. Additionally, it is crucial to learn how much dust and debris accumulates between the cleanings and to determine how often it is necessary to hire professionals to clean it.

However, this check-up is only superficial. Cleaning professionals use cameras to inspect vents thoroughly and determine how much buildup there is.

While they’re at it, they can also check the general state of the ducts: detect any issues, and perform repairs or replacements, which can save you time and money.

Maintaining your home regularly will keep it clean and spot any potential problems early on.

How The Cleaning Works

A duct cleaning involves using large devices to clean the vents by sucking the dust. The devices are mounted on trucks so that they are portable.

As far as cleaning goes, it’s pretty straightforward. All dust and debris go straight into the machine through a hose attached to the duct. Keeping the hose close to the air handler will ensure proper air circulation.

Cover all registers inside your home with an adhesive cover to prevent air from going sideways when vacuuming. When the registers are left uncovered, even the most powerful vacuuming will not perform to its full potential.

When switched on, the machine creates negative pressure, which allows it to suck out all the debris residing inside the ducts. Debris can sometimes be stuck to the surface, but the negative pressure takes care of that.

Right Tool For The Job

Results vary based on the methods used by different contractors. Using a vacuum once and spraying cleaning chemicals inside the ductwork is not enough. Following the vacuuming of the central duct, it is crucial to uncover each register and clean it separately. A better contractor will do this in a more thorough manner.

In order to remove all dust and debris from the ducts, you need the right equipment, such as rotating brushes, vacuum cleaners, and compressed air mechanisms. The duct cleaning process lasts approximately four to six hours.

What The Contractor Needs To Provide

To secure decent results, you need to find a contractor that will fully commit to getting the job done with care and efficiency. If you pay for a semi-finished job, you put your health at risk. Contractors are expected to investigate and clean the entirety of the ductwork with the help of HEPA vacuum cleaners. It is also vital to avoid any damage to the property while performing the cleaning.

You can ask for before/after photos of the ducts just to have visual proof of the job, even though the quality of the job lies in the air you breathe.

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