Things to Evaluate When Purchasing a Ramtons Vacuum Cleaner

Either one wants to purchase a vacuum cleaner for domestic or commercial use the Ramtons brand remains in the equation. The brand is among the most popular brands in Kenya and beyond when it comes to laundry and related chores. Among the important features to consider before purchasing a vacuum cleaner are discussed in this article as follows;

The functionality

This involves determining whether you prefer a dry vacuum cleaner or a wet and dry vacuum washing machine. The wet and dry Ramtons vacuum cleaning machine allows the user to wash both watery/wet surfaces and equipment, while the dry cleaner can only be used on dry materials or surfaces.

In a nutshell, the wet and dry vacuum cleaner can wash both dry dirt like dust and wet surfaces. The functionality of the machine the buyer needs should be determined by the work the intended for that cleaner.


The Ramtons cleaning machine is one of the best machines in the market. Ramtons have different vacuum cleaners with different features and diverse prices. Possessing a vacuum cleaner in your home completes the beauty and tidiness of your home. This article highlights the important notes to consider before purchasing a vacuum cleaner.

In most cases, the brand, determines the quality of the product. The buyers should be aware of the brands that offer top quality products before purchasing. High quality machines will require less or no maintenance cost while the opposite may require regular repairs to keep them functional.

Under normal circumstances, high quality vacuum cleaners may sound expensive to purchase and the low quality ones may be pocket friendly; the expensive takes a U-turn when it finally comes to service delivery of the machine and the maintenance cost.


A Ramtons vacuum cleaner is relatively bearing in mind what it offers and how much it saves the buyer for the future. There are definitely other cheaper vacuum cleaner brands but the price might not justify the services of the machine at the end of the day. The wise decision when it comes to comparing the Ramtons cleaner in with such machines would be drawn from the conclusion that “cheap is expensive” and therefore terming the relatively expensive Ramtons as cheap.

It is always good to consider the quality before the price.


The flexibility of the machine is crucial especially if the writer it is for domestic use. The flexibility will help in cleaning some places or materials that cannot be adjusted/moved from their original locations in your house. They may also be movable but hard to so and therefore a versatile vacuum cleaner may make the process a lot easier.


A good vacuum cleaner should have long durability. A warrant comes in as way of guaranteeing the durability of any electronic machine. Usually, the bigger the warrant period, the more probable that the product in question is of the highest quality.

Ramtons products have different warrant periods and in case of a malfunctions within the stated period, the company offers repair on the product or even gives a replacement.


In conclusion, the buyers should consider the above mentioned notes to help not make a mess when purchasing a vacuum cleaner for commercial or domestic use.

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