Tips to have a delicious Japanese tea ceremony at home

Centuries ago, the Japanese tea ceremony was performed by the most significant people of that time. It has become a usual ritual in most households that comprises tea lovers. Though the tradition was initiated in China, it is considered a popular Japanese experience that people worldwide relish.

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If you desire to relish this experience at home, ensure you have the crucial elements specified below.

  • Matcha
  • Water
  • Chawan (tea bowl)
  • Chasen (Whisk)
  • Tea scoop (Chashaku)

With all these essentials, you can make a perfect Matcha tea. One of the most common components is matcha whisks. Even after acquiring all the essential elements, individuals find it challenging to prepare a perfect tea.

Firstly, people should store the tea powder correctly to avoid issues, and secondly, they should be aware of proper whisk usage in the tea preparations. This blog will highlight these two things as most people have problems. Check two common mistakes people make when storing special tea powder without further ado.

Leaving the powder exposed to sunlight

This tea powder should be kept from light and heat to preserve flavour and nutrients. The powder can become oxidised and lose its vibrant green colour when exposed to sunlight, and this can also result in a stale taste, making your tea less enjoyable to drink.

Store it in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight, to avoid this mistake. A pantry or cupboard is an ideal location. You can also keep the product in the fridge if you live in a hot and humid climate. Always keep it in an airtight container to prevent moisture and air from entering, which can cause oxidation and spoilage.

Not Keeping the powder in the Fridge after Opening

Another common mistake people must correct when storing is keeping the powder in the fridge after opening. The tea powder is susceptible to moisture and heat, which can cause it to lose its quality and flavour over time. If you don’t store the powder properly, it can become stale and less flavourful.

Store it in the fridge after opening it. This will help to keep it cool and prevent moisture from entering. However, make sure that you remove it from the refrigerator at least 30 minutes before use so that it can come to room temperature. This will prevent condensation from forming on the surface of the beverage when you whisk it.

The above tips would help you to store the tea powder in a safe place. You can enjoy a fresh sip every time you prepare. However, individuals have some doubts about using Bamboo whisks. If you need to learn proper usage, continue reading below; the tips will help you understand better.

Tips for Using Matcha Bamboo Whisks:

  • Soak matcha whisks in warm water before using. This will help to soften the tines and prevent them from breaking. It also helps to remove any debris that may be stuck on the whisk.
  • Hold the whisk vertically and whisk in a zigzag motion; this will help to create a frothy texture. Start whisking slowly and gradually increase the speed to generate more froth.
  • Clean the whisk properly after each use. Rinse it under warm water and gently pat it dry with a clean towel. Avoid using soap or detergent as it can damage the bamboo tines.
  • Store the whisk in a dry and cool place. Don’t leave it in a damp or humid area, as it can cause mould and mildew growth.

Wrapping up 

If you have understood the proper usage of a whisk and storage of Matcha powder, the Japanese tea ceremony at home will be an exquisite experience. Ensure you source the best quality products from reliable retailers who have earned a reputation over the years.

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