Tips to Maximize Effectiveness of Roll-Up Banners as a Sales Tool: 2021 Edition

Neatly designed, strategic and well-researched roll-up banners can surely make up for an amazing resource for almost any exhibition and/or trade shows. They can definitely make a huge impact during a business expo or any other reception, which lets you deliver precise, well-targeted messages to the right audience. Other than that, banner design and incorporated message would decide overall success and effectiveness of the roll-up banner. Let’s have a detailed look into how roll-up banners can become an amazing sales tool.

Professional Roll-Up Banner Content & Design Tips

  • Brainstorm on the message, make it specific to the purpose and target audience.
  • For a sales or promotion message, highlight key benefits and features in a short, precise yet clear manner.
  • Make sure the message is written from the reader or audience’s perspective.
  • Since you’ve only seconds to grab attention, keep the banner text short and snappy
  • A roll-up banner is as important as any other marketing collateral which deserves amazing content plus design to make it twice as impactful.
  • Much like any other newspaper adverts, marketing or promotional leaflets, business cards and so on, roll-up banner design should be effective and engaging enough to get the message conveyed.
  • Make an impact using visual cues more than text. It should be appealing enough to stand out of the crowd!
  • Keep the logo at the top. Don’t forget that your primary purpose is to grab attention at the first glimpse of your Combine high-quality images, short and perfect text; all aligned in a way that it represents a professional business.
  • For logo, product images and other visual cues, be sure to use only high-resolution.
  • The main/primary message should be at eye level to increase chances of it getting viewed by the audience as they walk past.
  • A common reading pattern is from top to bottom and left to right; which gives you plenty to think on placement strategy. Just remember the headlines, sales message and contact details should be included.
  • Keep the main message’s text to a bare minimum and larger fonts to make a true impact without creating clutter. Typeface should be easily readable.

Brand Promotion via Roll-Up Banners

  • Roll-up or roller banners can also be used in different situations to grab customer’s attention. A few examples include:
  • You can conveniently place roll-up banners in the reception area or anywhere within the office premises for branding.
  • For advertising newly launched products either during launch ceremony, at an exhibition or corporate conference.
  • Perhaps the best roll-up banner placement for branding and marketing is where audience wait in queues which is sure to grab audience’s attention

Easy to Install & Remove

  • Besides larger billboards and signposts, installing roll-up banners is far easier and disassembly is only a matter of seconds. To install and remove these banners, you don’t need to hire any additional resource as any of your staff members or even you can easily do the job in a hassle-free way.
  • Roll-up banners may seem big but they’re quite lightweight. Another pro-fact convenience to carry them anywhere even in the back of your car. Being compact, you can also carry them easily while walking.
  • Adding to the many benefits and creative uses of roll-up banners is affordability. Whether you’re having them printed at one of the roll-up banner printing companies in Dubai or DIY service, it’s quite inexpensive while being one of the best marketing and branding collateral. Cost however, depends on elements to be incorporated on the banner such as add-on features are likely to raise the budget whereas regular roll-up banner printing wouldn’t dent your budget.

Roll-Up Banner Content Strategy

Powerful Headline:

A great headline gives your business the ability to break noise and gain high quality leads. It should persuade viewers to read further. Here are a few things to incorporate in your roll-up banner headlines!

  • Use number and stats
  • Post a question.
  • Use interesting adjectives like free, essential and effortless (for sales purposes)
  • Use unique rationales such as facts, ideas, ways, secrets and tricks.
  • Use trigger words like why, when, how and what.
  • Promise value.

A Brief Description on Trends & Offers:

Let the audience know about your business and all the benefits they can gain. Roll-up banner description should answer the following while keeping the text to a bare minimum:

  • About the business
  • Core services you provide
  • Latest offers and trends
  • Guarantees, promises and returns

Let There Be Call to Action:

An effective and impactful roll-up banner should generate enquiries and sales that can be achieved by having a powerful call-to-action that can surely prompt an action! Here’s what your call-to-action can be like:

  • Phone number to make a call
  • Share contact details
  • Speak with a customer representative
  • Share email
  • Leave a URL to visit website

Keep it All Professional:

What’s a banner that has an amazing text only to be eclipsed by poor design! It’s obvious that visual impressions can make a huge difference, boost confidence and trigger viewers in taking an action. You can make your roll-up banner super amazing by:

  • Incorporating high-resolution images and graphics
  • Keep the branding images, fonts and colours consistent.
  • Cleaner, simpler and minimalistic layout
  • Follow the AIDA formula when structuring the banner’s layout where AIDA means Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.
  • Keep corporate logo on the top
  • Balance colours by sticking only to two-or-three variations.

Now that you know all about making amazing roll-up banners, communicate your ideas to one of those professional printing companies for a truly amazing outcome.

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