Top 5 Epic Moments in Esports Industry

The world of esports has grown from an unlikely sport into a billion-dollar industry. Over the years, it has broken down the boundaries of video gaming and team sports and became successful in combining the best of both worlds.

Just like traditional sports, it also has a fair share of epic moments that defined the industry as a whole. In this list, we have collected the top five most incredible moments in the world of esports.

Twitch Slowly Build Global Esports

One of the best things that happened to the esports industry is the establishment of the streaming platform, Twitch. The platform has been a great tool in which the broadcasters have demonstrated their games to the general public. Twitch has been a huge internet space that established a community for esports streamers, enthusiasts, supporters and game developers like CQ9.

Without the establishment of Twitch, the esports that we know of today will have a slow growth and will not reach a global presence. Today, there are many platforms that have been spawning, this means that more people will engage more in the sport. The industry definitely owes its immense success to the streaming platform that started it all.

First Major CS: GO Tournament of NA Was Won by Cloud9

For the past ten years, the North American team has never won any major esport tournament. The Cloud9 team have had many major losses in the past including the prestigious event, North American CS: GO.

Cloud9 has had a few too close to winning moments in the competition but they have always lost. Their luck changed when they finally won the Counter-Strike Global Offensive at the Boston Major in 2018 and had better odds in TBSBet.

Fortnite World Cup Was Won By a 16-Year-Old Kid

Since its release, Fortnite has become popular and even broke the internet to be a part of pop culture. Its major event, Fortnite World Cup, had recently offered a $3 million grand prize for the winning team and also for the winning solo player. However, the most unforgettable moment of the event is the victory of 16-year-old Bugha who won the solo event.

It may not be as too impressive but the mainstream media have brought it more attention. The result is that many people have seen the esports industry in a different light.

OG’s Momental Victory At TI 2018

One of the essential moments of the sports world is when OG won The International 2018 competition, as they were mostly an outcast in the tournament ever since.

The team has gone through many major setbacks, one of them is when they broke up. However, the team managed to rebuild the lineup and had to crawl their way up to the top of the competition.

Eventually, they have defeated the former title-holders Evil Geniuses and the formidable PSG.LGD. The team have miraculously won the title with 3-2 at the finals and it is a testimony that good things really come to those who wait.

The Incredible Story of Arslan Ash

One of the top breaking news last year was the incredible win of a new champion in Tekken at the EVO or Evolution Champion Series, which is sponsored by Evolution Gaming. A Pakistani esports player named Arslan Ash has gone through many troubles throughout the competition.

First, he has issues in his visa, so he has to undergo five flights in two days before he reaches the host location. He couldn’t even exchange his Pakistani rupees just fifteen minutes before the game started. However, he won the whole event and became a Tekken champion.

The Bottom Line

The success of the esports industry at this point is incredible and it has gone through a slow change before it became accepted by many. These moments will go down in history and will shape the world of esports forever.

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